Columbanus: Studies on the Latin Writings

March 1997
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326 pages
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Studies in Celtic History
ISBN: 9780851156675
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Boydell Press
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Columbanus: Studies on the Latin Writings

Edited by Michael Lapidge

Essays investigating the writings attributed to Columbanus, influential 0c founder of Luxeuil and Bobbio.
Columbanus (d.615), the Irish monk and founder of such important centres as Luxeuil and Bobbio, was one of the most influential figures in early medieval Europe. His fiery personality led him into conflict with Gallic bishops and Roman popes, and he defended his position on such matters as monastic discipline in a substantial corpus of Latin writings marked by burning conviction and rhetorical skill. However, the polish of his style has raised questions about the nature of his early training in Ireland and even about the authenticity of the writings which have come down to us under his name. The studies in this volume attempt to address these questions: by treating each of the individual writings comprehensively, and drawing on recently-developed techniques of stylistic analysis new light is shed on Columbanus and his early education in Ireland. More importantly, doubts over the authenticity of certain writings attributed to Columbanus are here authoritatively resolved, so putting the study of this cardinal figure on a sound basis.Professor MICHAEL LAPIDGE teaches in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge. Contributors: DONALD BULLOUGH, NEIL WRIGHT, CLARE STANCLIFFE, JANE STEVENSON, T.M. CHARLES-EDWARDS, DIETER SCHALLER, MICHAEL LAPIDGE, DÁIBHÍ Ó CRÓINÍN

Table of Contents

The career of Columbanus - Donald Bullough
Columbanus's Epistulae - Neil Wright NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRS
The thirteen sermons attributed to Columbanus and the question of their authorship - Clare Stancliffe
The monastic rules of Columbanus - Jane B Stevenson
The penitential of Columbanus - T M Charles-Edwards
`De mundi transitu': a rhythmical poem by Columbanus? - Dieter Schaller
`Precamur patrem': an Easter hymn by Columbanus? - Michael Lapidge
The computistical works of Columbanus - D O Croinin
The Oratio S. Columbani - Michael Lapidge
Epilogue: did Columbanus compose metrical verse? - Michael Lapidge


This collection of essays, which is impeccably edited, not only provides a better understanding of the life and scholarship of Columbanus, but also makes a significant contribution to the study of Hiberno-Latin literature and to early Irish spirituality and monasticism. MEDIUM AEVUM * With this book, the corpus of works by Columbanus can, it seems, be safely identified, to the boon of future scholarship... a vital pillar to any future study of the works. JOURNAL OF MEDIEVAL LATIN * A significant contribution to the study of this important early medieval figure... fine essays. CHURCH HISTORY [US] * A very important book. REVUE BELGE

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