Women and Print Culture in Post-Independence Buenos Aires

March 2010
224 pages
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Women and Print Culture in Post-Independence Buenos Aires

Iona Macintyre

A challenge to traditional male-centred accounts of the book world in 1820s' Buenos Aires.
The woman question was a subject of discussion in post-independence Buenos Aires, reflected in the press and in the book world where writers contemplated the nature, role and status of women, linking the subject to topics such as political transition, reform, modernisation, regional conflict and patriotic culture.
This examination of a varied body of works dating from the 1820s, consisting of pamphlets, a history book, conduct literature and periodical literature, demonstrates the impact of transatlantic print networks such as the book trade, and translations from Britain, France, and Spain.
Developing our understanding of the post-independence cultural landscape, the study investigates a hitherto unexamined debate that was at the heart of state building in Buenos Aires. It simultaneously challenges traditional male-centred accounts of the period and serves as a counterpoint to historic feminist approaches to print culture.

IONA MACINTYRE lectures in Hispanic Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

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Table of Contents

Introduction -
Post-Independence Transformation in Buenos Aires
Defensa del bello sexo
Doña María Retazos and La Matrona Comentadora
Cartas sobre la educación del bello sexo por una señora americana
La Argentina
La Aljaba


[This] book is, and will continue to be for years to come, a necessity for all readers interested in Argentina's early nineteenth century and the debates surrounding the role of women in national life as the recently independent region began the protracted process of nation formation. [...] Women and Print Culture in Post-Independence Buenos Aires is, without doubt, the most significant piece of scholarship on this period and this topic that has been published in years. It will also, no doubt, continue to be an invaluable guide for scholars in future years. BULLETIN OF SPANISH STUDIES

In sum, Women and Print Culture in Post-Independence Buenos Aires is a careful archival study that brings to light some understudied texts and corrects misunderstanding about others. It is well researched, informative and valuable to the fields of nineteenth-century history, literature and women's studies in Latin America. BULLETIN OF HISPANIC STUDIES

This study is an excellent exploration of a complex and experimental time in post-revolutionary Buenos Aires. BULLETIN OF LATIN AMERICAN RESEARCH

Macintyre's study is a welcome ray of light that will help guide the work of scholars interested in issues of gender and writing in the Plata during the early 1800s... it should be required reading for those specializing in book history and gender issues during independence in any region of Latin America. THE AMERICAS

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