The Story of a Story Across Cultures:  The Case of the 'Doncella Teodor'

August 1996
168 pages
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ISBN: 9781855660380
Format: Hardback
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The Story of a Story Across Cultures: The Case of the 'Doncella Teodor'

Margaret R. Parker

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Study of the dissemination of a popular story across cultures, including text and English translation of versions from different languages.
The story of a well-educated slave girl who exchanges learning for riches, rescuing her master from poverty by defeating several learned men in public debate in front of the caliph or king, was composed in Arabic in Islamic Baghdad between the ninth and eleventh centuries and retold in three other languages and cultures during the next eight centuries. The tale is extant in some editions of The Thousand and One Nights, Arabic and Castilian manuscripts from the late thirteenth or early fourteenth century, numerous Spanish and Portuguese prints from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and later chapbook versions. In America it was incorporated into some of the Maya books of Chilam Balam, and in Brazil it was adapted to the popular libro de cordel verse format.
This study presents Castilian manuscript and printed versions of the text and a Brazilian verse version, along with English translations. It also explores the complex transmission history of the story; develops a theory for its reception and popularity in several cultures; and considers it for the first time in the context of the Thousand and One Nights and Spanish and Portuguese popular literature.

MARGARET R. PARKER teaches in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Louisiana State University.


A much-needed study of a neglected aspect of what proved an extremely popular book in its time... will be of great service to comparativists. MEDIUM AEVUMThere is something here for Hispanists of most persuasions: the anthropologist, the cultural as well as the literary historian and the literary critic... [The] considerable range of material is presented in a fresh and entertaining manner. BULLETIN OF HISPANIC STUDIES [Glasgow]

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