The Author in the Office

June 2006
244 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
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ISBN: 9781855661264
Format: Hardback
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The Author in the Office

Narrative Writing in Twentieth-Century Argentina and Uruguay

P. R. Jordan

Office-based writers from both sides of the River Plate chronicle the twentieth century.
Martel's La bolsa (1891) initiates, and Dorfman's Reader (1995) concludes, a study of the white-collar citizens of Buenos Aires and Montevideo in their daytime habitat: the office. The literary background is the European literature of bureaucracy: Balzac, Galdós, Gogol, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Kafka; the theoretical approach is through the sociologists Max Weber and C. Wright Mills; the historical context is the twentieth century: the decline of European power and the ascendency of the USA; two World Wars; the Wall Street crash; communism and fascism. Through the eyes of Arlt, Benedetti, Campodónico, Cortázar, De Castro, Denevi, Fernández, Marechal, Mariani, Martínez Estrada, Onetti and Ricci, we observe life on both sides of the River Plate, as the two countries succumb to polarisation, repression and, eventually, military dictatorship. This is the twentieth century, viewed by a bewildered, frequently anguished participant: the person at the next desk.

PAUL R. JORDAN lectures in Hispanic Studies at the University of Sheffield.

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Commentaries [...] are always perceptive and to the point. The chapters are well written, with Jordan's characteristically evocative turn of phrase. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW

A thorough socio-cultural study with a firm grounding in literary sources that elucidates twentieth-century domestic politics of the River Plate from an uncommon perspective. BRITISH BULLETIN OF PUBLICATIONS ON LATIN AMERICA

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