Spanish Art in Britain and Ireland, 1750-1920

January 2011
17 colour, 54 black and white, 2 line illustrations
344 pages
27.6x22 cm
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ISBN: 9781855662230
Format: Hardback
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Spanish Art in Britain and Ireland, 1750-1920

Studies in Reception in Memory of Enriqueta Harris Frankfort

Edited by Nigel Glendinning, Hilary Macartney

From the Golden Age to Goya.
This is the first study wholly devoted to reception of Spanish art in Britain and Ireland. Examining the extent and sources of knowledge of Spanish art in the British Isles during an age of increasing contact, particularly in the aftermath of the Peninsular War, it contains contributions by leading scholars, including reprints of three essays by Enriqueta Harris Frankfort, to whose memory this book is dedicated.
Focusing on Spanish art from the Golden Age to Goya, these studies chart the growth in understanding and appreciation of the Spanish School, and its punctuation by controversies and continuing distrust of religious images in Protestant Britain, as well as by the successive `discoveries' of individual artists - Murillo, Velázquez, Ribera, Zurbarán, El Greco and Goya. The book publishes important new research on art importation, collecting and dealing, and discusses the increase in access to and scholarship on works of art, including their reproduction through both traditional prints and copies and the newly invented photographic methods. It also considers for the first time the role of women in reflecting taste for the arts of Spain. It is richly illustrated with 17 colour and 54 black and white illustrations.

NIGEL GLENDINNING is Emeritus Professor of Spanish and Fellow of Queen Mary University of London.

Table of Contents

British and Irish Interest in Hispanic Culture - Nigel Glendinning
Cross-Cultural Contacts with Spain: A Broad Perspective - Nigel Glendinning
Mantillas, Majas, Murillo and Moors: A Feminine Perspective on Spanish Art from Ann Fanshawe to Gwen John - Sarah Symmons
Customs Books and Sales Catalogues: A Study of the Importation of Spanish Paintings into Britain - Jeremy Roe
Collectors of Spanish Paintings - Nigel Glendinning
Sellers and Dealers - Nigel Glendinning
Access to Collections of Spanish Art in Britain and Ireland in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries - Marjorie Trusted
Writing the History of Spanish Art in Ninetenth-Century Britain and Ireland - Hilary Macartney
The Reproduction of Spanish Art - Hilary Macartney
Aesthetics and Prejudice: Changing Attitudes to Spanish Art - Nigel Glendinning
The Catholic Question: Attitudes to Roman Catholicism in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland and their Impact on the Reception of Spanish Art - Hilary Macartney
The Murillo/Velázquez Debate: Aspects of the Critical Fortunes of Murillo and Velázquez in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Writing on Spanish Art in Britain and Ireland - Hilary Macartney
The 'Terrible Sublime': Ribera in Britain and Ireland - Nigel Glendinning
Reception of Zurbarán in Britain and Ireland - Nigel Glendinning
The Fortunes of Goya: His Reception in Britain and Ireland - Nigel Glendinning
Sir William Stirling Maxwell and the History of Spanish Art - Enriqueta Harris
Murillo in Britain - Enriqueta Harris
El Greco's 'Fortuna Critica' in Britain - Enriqueta Harris


It brings an impressive body of information, combining existing knowledge with new and original insights derived from the scrupulous reading of primary and secondary source material. The rigorous scholarship is outstanding and makes a major contribution to the study of the reception of Spanish art and culture in Britain and Ireland. It will be essential reading in the field. ART HISTORY

[H]andsomely produced and carefully prepared volume. BULLETIN OF SPANISH STUDIES

[W]ill be indispensible to all specialists in the history of British picture-collecting. JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF COLLECTIONS

This user-friendly, research-efficient design is most helpful for its target audience of students and specialists, allowing the reader to dip in easily to the individual chapters, in any order, without losing sight of the wider picture or main reference points. [...] Overall, the book does more than pay tribute to its dedicatee. Its greatest strength lies in overturning and complicating the stereotype of a `savage Spain', and it provides a model of rigorous scholarship and fruitful collaboration. The end result is a handsomely designed volume which Enriqueta Harris would certainly have been proud to see. JOURNAL OF ART HISTORIOGRAPHY

The editors [...] succeed admirably in their aim for the volume as a whole to present an overview and provide 'some record of current knowledge and research' in the field. Indeed, the achievement of the volume goes far beyond that modestly expressed aim and it is an extremely valuable addition to the literature of reception studies and the history of taste and collections. It balances fascinating new details and hardwon research discoveries with valuable syntheses of existing knowledge. It will long be a useful introduction while stimulating continuing research; there can be no more fitting memorial to its dedicatee than that. THE BURLINGTON MAGAZINE

Each of the essays in this column could stand alone, but together they contribute significant new research to the study of collecting and appreciation of Spanish art in Britain... this book is an excellent volume, with well presented, new research and short, readable, scholarly essays. THE ART NEWSPAPER

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