Queen Isabel I of Castile

March 2008
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Queen Isabel I of Castile

Power, Patronage, Persona

Edited by Barbara F. Weissberger

The Queen who shaped the music, literature, architecture, and painting of late medieval Spain.
This multidisciplinary volume was inspired by the quincentenary of the death of Queen Isabel I of Castile, early modern Europe's first powerful queen regnant. Comprising work by distinguished art historians, musicologists, historians, and literary scholars from England, Spain, and the United States, it begins with a theoretical examination of medieval queenship itself that argues - against the grain of the volume - for its inseparability from kingship. Several essays examine the complex ways in which the Queen and her advisers shaped the music, literature, architecture, and painting of fifteenth-century Spain and how these in turn shaped the sovereign's power and persona. Others analyze influences on Isabel's reign from Aragón, Portugal, and northern Europe. A third group deals with issues of periodization, arguing from a variety of perspectives for the modernity of Isabelline culture. The evolving construction of Isabel's image from the mid-fifteenth to the late-twentieth century is also studied.

BARBARA WEISSBERGER is Associate Professor Emerita of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Minnesota.
OTHER CONTRIBUTORS:Rafael Domínguez Casas, Theresa Earenfight, Michael Gerli, Chiyo Ishikawa, Tess Knighton, Kenneth Kreitner, Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, Nancy F. Marino, William D. Phillips, Jr., Emilio Ros-Fábregas, Ronald E. Surtz

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Questioning the Queen, Now and Then
Two Bodies, One Spirit: Isabel and Fernando's Construction of Monarchical Partnership - Theresa Earenfight
Isabel of Castile's Portuguese Connections and the Opening of the Atlantic - William D. Phillips
Isabel of Castile and Her Music Books: Franco-Flemish Song in Fifteenth-Cen tury Spain - Tess Knighton
The Reciprocal Construction of Isabelline Book Patronage - Ronald E. Surtz
Hernando de Talavera and Isabelline Imagery - Chiyo Ishikawa
Melodies for Private Devotion at the Court of Queen Isabel - Emilio Ros Fábregas
The Queen at War: Shared Sovereignity and Gender in Representations of the Granada Campaign - Elizabeth Lehfeldt
The Artistic Patronage of Isabel the Catholic: Medieval or Modern? - Rafael Domínguez Casas
Conflictive Subjectivity and the Politics of Truth and Justice in Cárcel de Amor - E. Michael Gerli
Juan de Anchieta and the Rest of the World - Kenneth Kreitner
Inventing the Catholic Queen: Images of Isabel I in History and Fiction - Nancy Marino


Se trata de una obra sugerente, que contribuye al debate sobre algunos aspectos del reinado y la historia de Isabel I, a la vez que abre perspectivas, y aporta nuevas contribuciones que vienen a enriquecer el acercamiento a tan complejo periodo y personaje. Por otra parte, pone de manifiesto la necesidad de potenciar el acercamiento y la discusión entre los historiadores de ambos lados del Atlántico, y de favorecer el conocimiento, allí y aquí, de lo que se hace en cada una sus orillas. Isabel del Val Valdivieso, MÉLANGES DE LA CASA DE VELÁZQUEZ

A significant contribution to the field of Isabeline and biographical studies that brings together a very useful and much needed multidisciplinary approach. [...] This volume is certainly relevant for a wide range of audiences and would be useful to a scholar interested in pre-modern and modern literary studies, art history, history, or music, or as required reading in a university course. BIOGRAPHY

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