Poetry and Loss

November 2009
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244 pages
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ISBN: 9781855661936
Format: Hardback
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Poetry and Loss

The Work of Eugenio Montejo

Nicholas Roberts

The first book-length account in English of Montejo's life and work.
In a study which covers the entirety of Montejo's career as poet and essayist, this book examines how the work of this seminal Venezuelan writer explores and deals with the experiences of loss in the twentieth century. Focusing on the broad areas of temporal and spatial loss, the analysis underlines the different levels on which such experiences are located in Montejo's writing, from the personal to the national, from the continental to the wider ontological, all filtered through the poet's own lived experience of growing up and writing in Venezuela. It explores how the poetic act emerges throughout as the potential means by which such experiences can be expressed and through which such loss can be reversed and, henceforth, avoided.
This represents the first book-length study in English of Montejo's work and the first monograph in any language to offer a sustained thematic analysis of his entire output. In the process, it serves to bring out from the academic shadows one of the most important and commanding poetic voices to appear in Latin America in the last fifty years.

NICHOLAS ROBERTS lectures in Hispanic Studies at the University of Durham.

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Poetry and Loss: The Work of Eugenio Montejo is an excellent work of literary research and offers an accessible introduction to the world of a Latin American poet whose importance is increasingly being acknowledged. LATIN AMERICAN REVIEW OF BOOKS

El hecho de que la obra de Eugenio Montejo, uno de los mayores poetas de lengua española de la segunda mitad del siglo XX, no contase hasta ahora con un estudio extenso en inglés bastaría para caracterizar como insustituible el volumen que Nicholas Roberts . . . acaba de dedicarle. Pero que a eso se agreguen riqueza y versatilidad teóricas, así como innegable rigor en el análisis de poesía en tiempos gremialmente poco favorables a tal empresa, es un factor que destaca aún más su contribución. EL NACIONAL

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