October 2015
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181 pages
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ISBN: 9781855662964
Format: Hardback
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White Carnival of Black Desire

Emilio Peral Vega

Peral Vega explores the importance of Pierrot as a symbol of failure in matters of love in García Lorca's imagery and his literary and personal life.
Academic research has paid little attention to the importance of the figure of Pierrot in García Lorca's imagery and, above all, in his literary and personal life. An image of marginality and failure, Pierrot was soon taken over by Spanish intellectuals of the early twentieth century as a representation of the bohemian spirit and, corresponding to his marginal status in matters of love, as a symbol of furtive desires experienced by those whose sexuality had to remain silent. Consequently, García Lorca, as Pierrot, needs a mask to cover his identity, facing perpetual failure in his relentless pursuit of the other. As can be seen already from the poems, prose and plays of his youth, García Lorca outlines in Pierrot his innermost self, a trend that will continue in the aforementioned series of drawings and some of his major pieces, such as El público. Pierrot / Lorca: White Carnival of Black Desire aims, from a multidisciplinary perspective, to open new critical readings of both García Lorca's work and some episodes of his life; as with, for example, his relationship with Salvador Dalí, which can be presented in theatrical terms: Harlequin (Dalí) / Pierrot (García Lorca).

Emilio Peral Vega is Associate Professor of Spanish Literature at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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Table of Contents

A Modern Mask: from Deburau to The Tramp
First Examples of an Effeminate Pierrot: from Verlaine to Lorca
Pierrot / Lorca: Alter Ego for a Young Poet
Lorca / Pierrot: Between Painting and Theatre
Love Game and Masquerade: Dalí / Lorca
Perlimplín / Lorca / Pierrot: Frustrated Desire
A White Clown for a Black Desire: El público and Así que pasen cinco años


Emilio Peral Vega's new monograph, . . . a welcome new title on Lorcan queer studies, restores authorial intention to both creative and critical endeavors, while addressing complex relationships between the personal and the aesthetic, artisticand lived experiences, and visual and literary cultural domains. STUDIES IN 20TH and 21ST CENTURY LITERATURE

[Peral] combines his deep knowledge of the history of this mask with sharp insights and imaginative thinking to shed new light on García Lorca's multifaceted output. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW

[This] book stands as a mandatory reading for those interested in carnival representation of both the poetic self and the dramatic character in Federico García Lorca's works. ANAGNÓRISIS

Emilio Peral has written a provocative book that will invite further discussion. BULLETIN OF SPANISH STUDIES

Author Bio

Profesor Titular (Associate Professor) de Literatura Española, Department of Filología Española II, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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