Juan Goytisolo: The Author as Dissident

May 2005
214 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
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ISBN: 9781855661097
Format: Hardback
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Juan Goytisolo: The Author as Dissident

Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

This book assesses Goytisolo's contribution to cultural debates in Spain since the sixties and revises the prevailing critical interpretation of his fiction, arguing that his works represent an ethical engagement with postmodernist theory rather than an illustration of it.
This monograph offers two new perspectives on Spanish writer, Juan Goytisolo.
First, under the themes of authorship and dissidence, it integrates his writing across several genres, providing a rounded assessment of his contribution to cultural debates in Spain since the sixties and arguing that resistance to repressive discourses characterizes his essays and autobiographies as much as his fiction.
Second, it revises the prevailing critical interpretation of Goytisolo's fiction by building on four premises: that his novels are less clearly oppositional than prevailing interpretations imply; that, in order to engage with discourses of identity, he employs an idiom which, contrary to his own statements, is not a poststructuralist autonomous world of words; that a textual practice grounded in the recognizable experience of post-Civil War Spain, rather than one which seeks out the realm of pure textuality, is essential to Goytisolo's subversive political intentions; and that the autobiographical element of much of his work constitutes a more complex narrative aesthetic than has been appreciated.
The book argues that if Goytisolo's work is interpreted as an ethical engagement with postmodernist theory, rather than as an illustration of it, then certain contradictions for which he has been criticized are seen in a new and valuable light.

ALISON RIBEIRO DE MENEZES is a Senior Lecturer in Spanish at University College Dublin.

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Engaging, convincingly argued, thoroughly researched and supported by an extensive bibliography and a coherent theoretical apparatus. [...] An important and innovative contribution to Goytisolo scholarship. JILAS JOURNAL OF IBERIAN AND LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES

A valuable and welcome contribution to the Goytisolo industry. MLR
Ribeiro de Menezes offers a refreshing look at Goytisolo's creative writing in its entirety, arguing that his is an ethical engagement with postmodern theory. Recommended. CHOICE

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