Fernando Pessoa's Modernity without Frontiers

July 2013
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264 pages
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Fernando Pessoa's Modernity without Frontiers

Influences, Dialogues, Responses

Edited by Mariana Gray de Castro

Eighteen short essays by the most distinguished international scholars examine Pessoa's influences, his dialogues with other writers and artistic movements, and the responses his work has generated worldwide.
Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa claimed that he did not evolve, but rather travelled. This book provides a state of the art panorama of Pessoa's literary travels, particularly in the English-speaking world. Its eighteen short, jargon-free essays were written by the most distinguished Pessoa scholars across the globe. They explore the influence on Pessoa's thinking of such writers as Whitman and Shakespeare, as well as his creative dialogues with figures ranging from decadent poets to the dark magician Aleister Crowley, and, finally, some of the ways in which he in turn has influenced others. They examine many different aspects of Pessoa's work, ranging from the poetry of the heteronyms to the haunting prose of The Book of Disquiet, from esoteric writings to personal letters, from reading notes to unpublished texts. Fernando Pessoa's Modernity Without Frontiers is a valuable introduction to this multifaceted modern master, intended for both students of modern literature and general readers interested in one of its major figures.

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Table of Contents

List of Contributors
Foreword - Helder Macedo
Introduction - Mariana Gray de Castro
Chronology of Pessoa's Life and Work - Richard Zenith
'O Deus Que Faltava': Pessoa's Theory of Lyric Poetry - Maria Irene Ramalho de Sousa Santos
Pessoa and Walt Whitman Revisited - Richard Zenith
The Poet as Hero: Pessoa and Carlyle - Leyla Perrone-Moises
Álvaro de Campos, English Decadent - George Monteiro
Pessoa's Unmodernity: Ricardo Reis - Helena Buescu
From FitzGerald's Omar to Pessoa's Rubaiyat - Jeronimo Pizarro
The Solitary Reaper Among Men (and Some Women) - Anna M. Klobucka
Mostrengos - Rui Goncalves Miranda
Inverted Aesthetics: Pessoa, Campos and António Botto's Canções - Mark Sabine
Pessoa, Shakespeare's Sonnets, and the Problem of Gaspar Simões - Mariana Gray de Castro
The Alchemical Path: Esoteric Influence in the Works of Fernando Pessoa and W. B. Yeats - Patrícia Silva McNeill
.An Implausible Encounter and a Theatrical Suicide - its Prologue and Aftermath: Fernando Pessoa and Aleister Crowley - Steffen Dix
Bernardo Soares, Pig of Destiny! - Rhian Atkin
The Birth of Literature - Antonio M. Feijo
The Ecology of Writing: Maria José's Fernando Pessoa - Victor Mendes
Patrícia Galvão on Pessoa in Brazil, 1955-1961 - K. David Jackson
Great Pessoans: A Tribute - Jose Blanco

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