Cerverí de Girona and his Poetic Traditions

December 1998
224 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Monografias A
ISBN: 9781855660427
Format: Hardback
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Cerverí de Girona and his Poetic Traditions

Miriam Cabré

First full-length study of the works of the thirteenth-century troubadour poet Cerverí di Girona.
The Catalan troubadour Guillem de Cervera is documented for over twenty years (1259-1285) as being in the service of the Crown of Aragon. During this period he wrote one hundred and nineteen poems under the stage name Cerverí de Girona, as well as a book of proverbs. The extent and nature of his works confirm him as a major author in the late troubadour period, and a great influence on medieval Catalan literature -in his poetry the troubadour tradition converges with the new influences at work in educated lay circles. In this first full-length study of his works he emerges as a key figure in the history of late troubadour literature, his poetic manner epitomising the new tendencies of his age, his vast corpus plentifully illustrating them. His works are remarkably varied, employing a wide range of genres, topics and devices and using sources from homiletic and academic glosses to popularising literature and administrative practice.

MIRIAM CABRÉ is at the Warburg Institute.


Begins to fill an important gap in the study of both the troubadour tradition and its role in the literary development of medieval Catalonis. BULLETIN OF SPANISH STUDIES

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