Cancionero teatral de Lope de Vega

February 1997
480 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Monografias A
ISBN: 9781855660601
Format: Hardback
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Cancionero teatral de Lope de Vega

José María Alín, María Begoña Barrio Alonso

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Collection of all Lope's songs for the stage.
This volume brings together the entire corpus of Lope de Vega's songs for the stage, hitherto only published incomplete or as part of anthologies of his verse. It includes the text of all Lope's canciones, together with glosses, songs embedded in the text of plays and songs to which allusions are made; some songs hitherto unrecognised or uncollected are here rediscovered. The study is divided into two parts, covering identified and unidentified songs respectively. For each song the full Lope text is given, with an indication of its provenance, and lists of variants and references; the song is also placed in its context, with, where necessary, a brief commentary on its function within the play. A general bibliography, a list of sources, and detailed indexes conclude the volume.

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