A Companion to the Twentieth-Century Spanish Novel

November 2008
356 pages
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ISBN: 9781855661745
Format: Hardback
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A Companion to the Twentieth-Century Spanish Novel

Edited by Marta E. Altisent

The Spanish novel in a turbulent century.
This collection of studies by eighteen prominent theorists and critics offers a diverse panorama of the modern Spanish novel seen through the prism of Spain's recent political, cultural and ideological history. It considers the development of the novel as a social mirror and as a changing literary form, torn between the tradition of stern realism and the aesthetics of rupture affecting all Western literature from the Avant-Garde to the Postmodern age. While some essays emphasise the Spanish cultural context and canonical writers, others are of a broader nature, grouping lesser-known writers under certain literary tendencies: the metaphysical novel, the urban novel, recuperative accounts of the Civil War, feminine first-person narrations, and the rise of the popular detective, historical, and erotic novels. Three studies address the resurgence of the Catalan, Basque and Galician novel and their departure from a poetics of identity to one of global concerns. Interdisciplinary approaches address the reciprocal impacts of literature and cinema, and the effects of the marketplace on the consumption of fiction are not forgotten. The Companion provides ample bibliographies and a valuable chronology, while all titles and quotations are translated into English.

Contributors: Marta E. Altisent, Katarzyna Olga Beilin, Ramón Buckley, José F. Colmeiro, Stacey Dolgin Casado, Sebastiaan Faber, David K. Herzberger, Carlos Alex Longhurst, Kathleen N. March, Cristina Martínez-Carazo, Alfredo Martínez Expósito, Nina L. Molinaro, Gonzalo Navajas, Mari Jose Olaziregi, Janet D. Pérez, Randolph D. Pope, Josep Miquel Sobrer, H. Rosi Song.

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Table of Contents

From Local to Global History. The Spanish Novel in the Twentieth Century - Gonzalo Navajas
New Trends in the Early Twentieth-Century Novel - C Alex Longhurst
Tales from the Avant-Garde - Ramón Buckley
From Experiment to Experience: The Social Realist Novel - Janet Perez, Book Reviews
The Novel of the Spanish Civil War: From Militancy to Reconciliation - Sebastiaan Faber
Demythification in the Novels of Luis Martín-Santos and Juan Goytisolo - Stacey Dolgin Casado
Historical and Metahistorical Fiction in Post-Civil War and Democratic Spain - David K Herzberger
The Spanish Detective Novel as a Political Genre - Jose F Colmeiro
Madrid in the Twentieth-Century Novel: Attempting to Describe a Moving Target - Randolph D Pope
Fictional Mirrors of Barcelona (and Barcelonians) - Marta E Altisent
Narrating Women in the Postwar Peninsular Novel - Nina Molinaro
New Sexual and Gender Paradigms in Contemporary Spanish Fiction - Alfredo Martinez Exposito
Disquieting Realism: Postmodern and Beyond - Katarzyna Olga Beilin
Cultural Warfare at the End of the Millennium: The Anti-conformist Fiction of the Spanish 'Generation X' - H. Rosi Song
Film, Politics and the Novel - Cristina Martinez Carazo
The Catalan Novel and the Evaporation of Modernity - Josep Miquel Sobrer
The Galician Novel: An Eternal Work in Progress - Kathleen March
The Evolution of Basque Fiction in the Twentieth Century - Mari Jose Olaziregi

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