A Man for All Seasons

August 2016
42 black and white illustrations
180 pages
9x6 in
Meliora Press
ISBN: 9781580465700
Format: Hardback
University of Rochester Press
BISAC BIO017000, HIS036010

A Man for All Seasons

Robert J. Joynt, MD, PhD

Nancy W. Bolger

The life and influential career of neurologist Robert J. Joynt, MD, PhD., who in 1996 became the first chair of the Department of Neurology at the University of Rochester.
In this stirring collection of essays, author Nancy Bolger leads the reader through the extraordinary life of Robert J. Joynt, MD, PhD, one of the most influential neurologists of the last half century. The story begins on the small-town streets of Iowa and takes us through military service and medical school, down the wedding aisle, and ultimately to a long and successful career at the University of Rochester, where Dr. Joynt became the first chair of the newly created Department of Neurology in 1966. Along the way, we accompany Dr. Joynt on his travels to India, Canada, Ireland, London and Cambridge in England, and many other places, including a much-loved lakeside retreat in Minnesota where the family vacationed year after year. These pages tell of not only Dr. Joynt's life but also of those who inspired him, and how he in turn became a remarkable inspiration to others.

Nancy W. Bolger is a writer and editor for the University of Rochester Medical Center. In 1992 she received the Robert G. Fenley Award of Distinction for Medical Science Writing from the Association of American Medical Colleges.
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Robert Holloway
Growing Up in Corn Country
Sergeant Joynt in India
Becoming "Dr. Bob"
Unraveling Neurology's Gordian Knot: Montreal, Canada
Unraveling Neurology's Gordian Knot: Cambridge, England
Unraveling Neurology's Gordian Knot: University of Iowa
Dr. Bob Builds a New Department
The Comic Spirit (and How He Wielded It)
Dean Bob's Ten Commandments for Interns
Dr. Bob, Editor Extraordinaire
Onward and Upward, Dr. Bob! 1966-84
"Low Intellect in High Places"
Stalking Sherlock Holmes
Dean Joynt Takes the Helm
Vice President Joynt's Team Builds for the Future
Dr. Bob's "Dark Days"
Life with Father
The Man of Faith
Curriculum Vitae


For readers unacquainted with Bob Joynt's illustrious career, Nancy Bolger's book describes his personal and professional history elegantly and meticulously. The book sheds new light on his unflagging support and mentorship of many of behavioral neurology's earliest practitioners. COGNITIVE AND BEHAVIORAL NEUROLOGY

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