Journal of Medieval Military History

December 2017
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Journal of Medieval Military History
Boydell Press
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Journal of Medieval Military History

Volume XV: Strategies

Edited by Leif Inge Ree Petersen, Manuel Rojas Gabriel

Essays on strategic thinking and practice in medieval warfare.
This special edition of the Journal aims to respond to the lively debate in recent years as to whether medieval military history was characterized by particular types of strategy, be it Grand, Vegetian or Battle-Seeking. It brings together many of the pre-eminent military historians active today to examine a number of cases that display the complexity and diversity of strategic realities, as well as exploring new models and methodological avenues in evaluating medieval strategies. Material ranges chronologically from the late Roman Empire to the late Middle Ages, and geographically from the Baltic and the British Isles to Iberia and the Crusader States, while the topics explored include the Viking Wars, the English long bow, and the economies of conquest.

Leif Inge Ree Petersen is Associate Professor of Late Antique and Early Medieval History at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim; Manuel Rojas Gabriel is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Extremadura, Cáceres.

Contributors: Richard Abels, Bernard S. Bachrach, Matthew Bennett, John France, Luis García-Guijarro Ramos, John Gillingham, Dolores Oliva García, Leif Inge Ree Petersen, Manuel Rojas Gabriel.

Table of Contents

Preface - Leif Inge Ree Petersen
Later Roman Grand Strategy: The Fortification of the Urbes of Gaul - Bernard S Bachrach
In Search of Equilibrium: Byzantium and the Northern Barbarians, 400-800 - Leif Inge Ree Petersen
Evolving English Strategies during the Viking Wars - Richard Abels
Norman Conquests: A Strategy for World Domination? - Matthew Bennett
The Papacy and the Political Consolidation of the Catalan Counties, c. 1060-1100: A Case Study in Political Strategy - Luis Garcia Guijarro Ramos
Alfonso VII of León-Castile in Face of the Reformulation of Power in Al-Andalus (1145-1157): An Essay on Strategic Logic - Manuel Rojas Gabriel
The Treaties between the Kings of León and the Almohads within the Leonese Expansion Strategy (1157-1230). - Dolores Oliva García
A Strategy of Total War? Henry of Livonia and the Conquest of Estonia (1208-1227) - John B Gillingham
The English Long Bow, War and Administration - John France

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