Late Medieval Heresy: New Perspectives

September 2018
282 pages
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Heresy and Inquisition in the Middle Ages
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Late Medieval Heresy: New Perspectives

Studies in Honor of Robert E. Lerner

Edited by Michael D. Bailey, Sean L. Field

Fresh investigations into heresy after 1300, demonstrating its continuing importance and influence.
From the Gregorian reforms to the Protestant Reformation, heresies and heretics helped shape the religious, political, and institutional structures of medieval Europe. Within this larger history of religious ferment, the late medieval period presents a particularly dynamic array of heterodox movements, dissident modes of thought, and ecclesiastical responses. Yet recent debates about the nature of heresy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries have too easily created an impression of the period after 1300 as merely an epilogue to the high medieval story.
This volume takes the history of heresy in late medieval Europe (1300-1500) on its own terms. From Paris to Prague and from northern Germany to Italy and even extending as far as Ethiopia, the essays shed new light on a vibrant world of audacious beguines, ardent Joachites, Spiritual Franciscans, innovative mystics, lay prophets, idiosyncratic alchemists, daring magicians, and even rebellious princes locked in battles with the papacy. As befits a collection honoring the pioneering career of Robert E. Lerner, the studies collected here combine close readings of manuscripts and other sources with a grounding in their political, religious and intellectual contexts, to offer fresh insights into heresies and heretics in late medieval Europe.

MICHAEL D. BAILEY is Professor of History at Iowa State University; SEAN L. FIELD is Professor of History at the University of Vermont.

Contributors: Louisa A. Burnham, Elizabeth Casteen, Jörg Feuchter, Samantha Kelly, Richard Kieckhefer, Deeana Copeland Klepper, Frances Kneupper, Georg Modestin, Barbara Newman, Sylvain Piron, Justine L. Trombley.

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Table of Contents

Robert E. Lerner: A Portrait - Richard Kieckhefer
Historiography, Methodology, and Manuscripts: Robert E. Lerner and the Study of Late Medieval Heresy - Michael D. Bailey and Sean L. Field
The Heresy of the Templars and the Dream of a French Inquisition - Sean L. Field
The Dissemination of Barthélemy Sicard's Postilla super Danielem - Sylvain Piron
Magic, Mysticism, and Heresy in the Early Fourteenth Century - Michael D. Bailey
The Making of a Heretic: Pope John XXII's Campaign against Louis of Bavaria - Georg Modestin
Unusual Choices: The Unique Heresy of Limoux Negre - Louisa Burnham
Princely Poverty: Louis of Durazzo, Dynastic Politics, and Heresy in Fourteenth-Century Naples - Elizabeth Casteen
Disentangling Heretics, Jews, and Muslims: Imagining Infidels in Late Medieval Pastoral Manuals - Deeana Copeland Klepper
New Frontiers in the Late Medieval Reception of a Heretical Text:The Implications of Two New Latin Copies of Marguerite Porete's Mirror of Simple Souls - Justine Trombley
Disputing Prophetic Thought: The 1466 Questio quodlibetalis of Johannes of Dorsten - Frances Kneupper
Heretics, Allies, Exemplary Christians: Latin Views of Ethiopian Orthodox in the Late Middle Ages - Samantha Kelly
'By them in reality I meant the Jews': Late Medieval Heretics in the Work and Life of Renate Riemeck (1920-2003) - Jorg Feuchter
Who or What Was a Heretic in the Late Middle Ages? - Barbara Newman
Robert E. Lerner: A Chronological Bibliography

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