Music in Educational Thought and Practice

September 2006
69 black and white illustrations
444 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Classic Texts in Music Education
Boydell Press

Music in Educational Thought and Practice

A Survey from 800 BC

Bernarr Rainbow, Gordon Cox

One of the landmark texts in music education reissued and brought up to date.
From its first appearance, this volume has been considered a standard text in music education courses worldwide, tracing the development of music as an educational force from the dawn of European civilisation in ancient Crete, Sparta, and Athens to today. It is a fascinating exploration of the people involved in teaching music over the centuries and their whole way of life, providing a systematic survey of the educational, musical, religious, social and political factors that have led to what is now known as music education; substantial reference is made to trends and events in other lands as well as England. This second edition includes supplementary chapters investigating the recent history of music education, bringing the historical record up to date, and there is a foreword by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Master of the Queen's Music.

Table of Contents

Ancient Greece and Rome[800 BC-100 AD]
The Rise and Siege of Christendom [300-850 AD]
Medieval Christendom [850-1490]
Renaissance and reformation [1490-1575]
The New Thought [1575-1660]
The Age of Decline [1660-1740]
The Age of Ideas [1740-1789]
The Heirs of the French Revolution [1789-1830]
The Heirs of the Industrial Revolution [1789-1830]
The Age of Reform [1830-1841]
The Age of Rival Systems [1841-1870]
Towards a Structure for Advanced Studies [from 1830]
Policy and Actuality in School Music [1870-1899]
The Canvas Widens [1900-1914]
Between the Wars [1919-1939]
Post-war Plans and Achievements [1940-1962]
The Turbulent Sixties [1960-1969]
The Experimental Seventies
The Optimistic Eighties
From the Nervous Nineties towards `a long awaited renaissance'


Indispensable... The profession of music education has at last been provided with a detailed and documented history... the volume should be on the shelves of every library and musician. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MUSIC EDUCATION
It is no mean feat to have extended this seminal book in so constructive and newly illuminating a manner as is the case here. [Gordon] Cox and [Peter] Dickinson (who nimbly edited this new edition) deserve to go to the top of the class. MUSIC TEACHER

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