Four Centuries of Music Teaching Manuals, 1518-1932

May 2009
44 black and white illustrations
360 pages
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Classic Texts in Music Education
ISBN: 9781843833505
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

Four Centuries of Music Teaching Manuals, 1518-1932

Edited by Bernarr Rainbow

Introductions to a variety of texts used for teaching music.
Bernarr Rainbow is widely recognised as the leading authority on the history of music education, from the Greeks up to the present day, as attested by his comprehensive study Music in Educational Thought and Practice. His ambitious series, Classic Texts in Music Education, provides editions of manuals covering methods of teaching music from the sixteenth century to the twentieth. Professor Rainbow wrote detailed prefaces to the manuals, which are conveniently collected in this volume, offering insights into and analysis of those who taught music in different times and places and the methods they employed. They have been put into full context by GORDON COX.

Table of Contents

1518 George Rhau, Enchiridion utrisque musica practicae
1539 Martin Agricola, Rudimentum musices
1550 Lois Bourgeois, Le droit chemin de musique
1587 William Bathe, Briefe Introduction to the Skill of Song
1731 J. C. Pepusch, Treatise on Harmony
1742 J. J. Rousseau, Projet concernant de nouveaux signes
1801 Anne Gunn, Introduction to Music
1806 A. F. C. Kollmann, A New Theory of Practical Harmony
1906 J. W. Callcott, Musical Grammar
1809 H. G. Nägeli, (i) Die Pestalozzische Gesangbildungslehre
1810 H. G. Nägeli, (ii) Gesangbildungslehre
1818 P. Galin, Rationale for a New Way of Teaching Music
1812 W. Crotch, Elements of Musical Education
1815 J. B. Logier, Companion to the Patent Royal Chiroplast
1819 J. Kemp, A New System of Musical Education
1819 M. P. (D. Kilner), Child's Introduction to Thorough Bass
1830 F. J. Fétis, La musique mise à la portée de tout le monde
1831 W. Crotch, Substance of Several Courses of Lectures
1831 W. C. Stafford, History of Music
1833 J. Turner, Manual of Instruction in Vocal Music
1835 S. Glover, Scheme for Rendering Psalmody Congregational
1836 W. E. Hickson, The Singing Master
1836 A. Rodwell, The Juvenile Pianist
1839 A. B. Marx, Allgemeine Musiklehre, trans (1853)
1824 E. Jue de Bernval, La musique apprise sans maître


[A] rich document by a wonderful scholar, connecting our own teaching efforts with centuries of valuable thought and practice. MUSIC EDUCATORS JOURNAL

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