Welcome to our virtual booth for this year’s Society for Ethnomusicology meeting! We are pleased to offer


on all our new and recent titles in ethnomusicology.

From Michael Church’s newly released history of song collecting, to Kendra Stepputat’s forthcoming study of the history of kecak dance performances on Bali, and Susan Hurley-Glowa’s chronicles of the work of Cabo Verdean musician Norberto Tavares, we have several new exciting titles in our ethnomusicology list. Browse our website and order online using promo code BB970 at checkout. Offer expires 30 November 2021.

Remember, many of our titles can also be found in ebook format at ebooks.com.

Our production editor Julia Cook will be available at the conference to discuss the series and we invite you to send new project proposals to her at [email protected] and to our Eastman/Rochester Studies in Ethnomusicology series editor Ellen Koskoff at [email protected]. Proposal guidelines and forms may be downloaded here.

Musics Lost and Found

by Michael Church

The Clarinet

Edited by Jane Ellsworth

Songs for Cabo Verde

by Susan Hurley-Glowa

Tuning the Kingdom

by Damascus Kafumbe

Music, Indigeneity, Digital Media

Edited by Thomas R. Hilder, Henry Stobart and Shzr Ee Tan

The Raga Guide

Edited by Joep Bor

The Other Classical Musics

Edited by Michael Church