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British and Irish Religious Orders in Europe, 1560–1800

Edited by Cormac Begadon and James E. Kelly

The Clergy in Early Modern Scotland

Edited by Chris R. Langley, Catherine E. McMillan and Russell Newton

A Companion to Calderón de la Barca

Edited by Roy Norton and Jonathan W Thacker

Consuls and Captives

by Erica Heinsen-Roach

The Criminal Baroque

by Ted L. L. Bergman

The Epic Mirror

by Imogen Choi

Épica y conflicto religioso en el siglo XVI

Edited by Javier Burguillo and María José Vega

Jenatsch's Axe

by Randolph C. Head

Medieval and Early Modern Murder

Edited by Larissa Tracy

Philip IV and the World of Spain’s Rey Planeta

Edited by Stephen M Hart and Alexander W Samson

Poly-Olbion: New Perspectives

Edited by Andrew McRae and Philip Schwyzer

Pragmatic Toleration

by Victoria Christman

Renaissance Papers 2020

Edited by Ward J. Risvold and James M Pearce

Guest editor Holly E. Fling and William Given

Renaissance Papers 2021

Edited by James M Pearce and Ward J. Risvold

Guest editor William Given

The Royal Workshops of the Alhambra

Edited by Alberto García Porras, Chloë N. Duckworth and David J. Govantes-Edwards

Scotland and the Wider World

Edited by Neil McIntyre and Alison Cathcart

The Scourge of Demons

by Jeffrey R. Watt