Welcome to our virtual booth for this year’s Society for Cinema and Media Studies meeting! 

We are pleased to offer 50% OFF our film studies titles priced $50 or more.

Some highlights below include:

  • The Silent Muse, the first-ever English edition of the memoirs of pioneering Danish silent film star Asta Nielsen
  • TEN new and recent volumes in our thriving German Film Classics series, including Coming Out, the first and only East German feature film about homosexuality, and The Cat Has Nine Lives, postwar Germany’s first feminist film
  • Cancer, Research, and Educational Film at Midcentury, the story of a forgotten health education film, Challenge: Science Against Cancer (1950) and its role as part of a major effort to recruit young scientists into cancer research in post-Second World War North America

Order online and reference promo code BB008 at checkout. Offer expires April 30, 2022. Many of our titles are also available as ebooks.

Jim Walker, our Camden House editorial director, looks forward to discussing new proposals from prospective authors. To schedule a meeting, please write to Jim directly at [email protected]. 

For series information and book proposal guidelines, please click here

The Silent Muse

by Asta Nielsen

Edited by Julie K. Allen

Translated by Julie K. Allen

Foreword by Jennifer Bean

Violencia, poder y afectos

Edited by Marco Ramírez Rojas and David Rozotto

Coming Out

by Kyle Frackman

The Patriot

by Richard Langston

Toni Erdmann

by Gerd Gemünden

Warning Shadows

by Anjeana K. Hans

The White Ribbon

by Fatima Naqvi

Wings of Desire

by Christian Rogowski


by Lutz Koepnick


by Brad Prager

Beyond Tomorrow

by Ingo Cornils

The Films of Konrad Wolf

by Larson Powell

The Tender Gaze

Edited by Muriel Cormican and Jennifer Marston William

Imagining Latin America

by Nicola Jones

Portuguese Cinema (1960-2010)

by André Rui Graça

Reel Resistance - The Cinema of Jean-Marie Teno

by Melissa Thackway and Jean-Marie Teno

Forgotten Dreams

by Laurie Johnson

Celluloid Revolt

Edited by Christina Gerhardt and Marco Abel

Austria Made in Hollywood

by Jacqueline Vansant

ALT 36: Queer Theory in Film & Fiction

by Ernest N. Emenyonu and John C. Hawley

Series edited by Ernest N. Emenyonu

Guest editor John C. Hawley

Gender and Sexuality in East German Film

Edited by Kyle Frackman and Faye Stewart

Health Education Films in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Christian Bonah, David Cantor and Anja Laukötter

Uruguayan Cinema, 1960-2010

by Beatriz Tadeo Fuica

A New History of German Cinema

Edited by Jennifer M. Kapczynski and Michael D. Richardson

Image credit: Chicago skyline at sunrise, 18 Apr 2009 © Daniel Schwen, Wikimedia Commons