Science and the Shape of Orthodoxy

June 1995
27 black and white illustrations
357 pages
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ISBN: 9780851155944
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
BIC J, 1D, 2AB, 3JD

Science and the Shape of Orthodoxy

Intellectual Change in Late Seventeenth-Century Britain

Michael Hunter

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Studies of specific figures — including John Evelyn, Christopher Wren, John Flamsteed —illuminate intellectual change in 17c.
The rise of the new, experimental science coexisted with other intellectual traditions which displayed equal vitality, including historical and philological learning, attitudes to magic and the wisdom of antiquity, and anxiety about what contemporaries called `atheism'.The studies in this book illuminate this complex state of affairs by focusing on specific figures and episodes. New light is shed on the career of John Evelyn through the use of his extensive manuscripts, hitherto hardly exploited, and the attitude to astrology of the first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed, is reconsidered. Other important figures examined include Christopher Wren and Elias Ashmole, occultist and founder of the first public museum in Britain. These studies underlie the new theory of intellectual change in this key period propounded in the introduction.


A fine gathering of neatly interconnecting essays...allows MH to make some important generalizations about the nature of intellectual changes in early modern England. REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES Stimulating and illuminating. CHOICE A fine-grained analysis, based on extensive study of relevant manuscripts, or Restoration natural philosophy... a valuable contribution to our understanding of this complex period in the history of science. ALBION Important contributions on Ashmole, Evelyn and Wren. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

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