Bands in American Musical History

Edited by Bryan Proksch and George Foreman

Beethoven’s Conversation Books Volume 4

Edited and translated by Theodore Albrecht

Translated by Theodore Albrecht

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

by Theodore Albrecht

Bernstein and Robbins

by Sophie Redfern

Explorations in Music and Esotericism

Edited by Leonard George and Marjorie Roth

French Art Song

by Emily Kilpatrick

intimate entanglements in the ethnography of performance

Edited by Sidra Lawrence and Michelle Kisliuk

Minna Wagner

by Eva Rieger

Translated by Chris Walton

Music and Death

Edited by Wolfgang Marx

The Music for Victory at Sea

by George J. Ferencz

The Songs of Jean Sibelius

by Gustav Djupsjöbacka

Verdi and the Art of Italian Opera

by Steven Huebner

Translated by Steven Huebner