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We are pleased to offer


on all of our new and recently published music titles, including, of course, our wonderful list of books on American music. Enjoy our highlights below and browse our full list for more. As you will see, many of our titles can be ordered as ebooks.

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Sonia Kane, our University of Rochester Press editorial director, looks forward to discussing new proposals from prospective authors. To schedule a meeting, please write to Sonia directly at [email protected].

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Musics Lost and Found

by Michael Church

The Heroic in Music

Edited by Beate Kutschke and Katherine Butler

America in the French Imaginary, 1789-1914

Edited by Diana R. Hallman and César A. Leal

Beyond Fingal's Cave

by James Porter

Augusta Browne

by Bonny H Miller

Songs for Cabo Verde

by Susan Hurley-Glowa

Bernstein and Robbins

by Sophie Redfern

Leonard Bernstein and Washington, DC

Edited by Daniel Abraham, Alicia Kopfstein-Penk and Andrew H. Weaver

In My Own Time

by Humphrey Burton

The Clarinet

Edited by Jane Ellsworth

The Karl Muck Scandal

by Melissa D Burrage

Piano-Playing Revisited

by David Breitman

Gay Guerrilla

Edited by Renee Levine-Packer and Mary Jane Leach

Claude Debussy

by François Lesure

Translated by Marie Rolf

Nadia Boulanger and the Stravinskys

Edited by Kimberly Francis

Image credit: Sonoran Desert Museum Arizona, 10 Sep 2013 © Michelle Maria, Wikimedia Commons.