Saints and Scholars

Saints and Scholars

New Perspectives on Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture in Honour of Hugh Magennis

Edited by Stuart McWilliams





Wide-ranging survey of current research in Anglo-Saxon studies - from literature and material culture to religion and politics.
Anglo-Saxon literature and culture, and their subsequent appropriations, unite the essays collected here. They offer fresh and exciting perspectives on a variety of issues, from gender to religion and the afterlives of Old English texts, from reconsiderations of neglected works to reflections on the place of Anglo-Saxon in the classroom. As is appropriate, they draw especially on Hugh Magennis' own interests in hagiography and issues of community and reception. Taken together, they provide a "state of the discipline" account of the present, and future, of Anglo-Saxon studies. The volume also includes contributions from the leading Irish poets Ciaran Carson and Medbh McGuckian.

Dr Stuart McWilliams is a Newby Trust Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh.

Contributors: Ciaran Carson, Marilina Cesario, Mary Clayton, Ivan Herbison, Joyce Hill, Malcolm Godden, Chris Jones, Christina Lee, Medbh McGuckian, Stuart McWilliams, Juliet Mullins, Elisabeth Okasha, Jane Roberts, Donald Scragg, Mary Swan, John Thompson, Elaine Treharne, Robert Upchurch, Gordon Whatley, Jonathan Wilcox

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May 2012
2 black and white illustrations
288 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843843030
Format: Hardback
BISAC LIT011000, HIS037010
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Table of Contents

Introduction - Stuart McWilliams
A Note on the Sensational Old English Life of St Margaret - Elaine Treharne
A Place to Weep: Joseph in the Beer-Room and Anglo-Saxon Gestures of Emotion - Jonathan Wilcox
Aldhelm's Choice of Saints for His Prose De Virginitate - Juliet Mullins
Shepherding the Shepherds in the Ways of Pastoral Care: Ælfric and Cambridge University Library MS Gg.3.28 - Robert K Upchurch
'Consider Lazarus': A Context for Vercelli Homily VII - Jane Roberts
More than a Female Joseph: The Sources of the Late 5th Century Passio Sanctae Eugeniae - E. Gordon Whatley
Ælfric, Leofric and In Natale Plurimorum Apostolorum - Joyce Hill
Stories from the Court of King Alfred - Malcolm Godden
De Duodecim Abusiuis, Lordship and Kingship in Anglo-Saxon England - Mary Clayton
Reluctant Appetites: Anglo-Saxon Attitudes towards Fasting - Christina Lee
A Note on the Function of the Inscribed Strip from the Staffordshire Hoard - Elisabeth Okasha
The Shining of the Sun in the Twelve Nights of Christmas - Marilina Cesario
Sin and Laughter in Late Anglo-Saxon England: The Case of OE (H)leahtor - Donald Scragg
Marginal Activity? Post-Conquest Old English Readers and Their Notes - Mary Swan
Old English for Non-Specialists in the Nineteenth Century: A Road Not Taken - Chris Jones
The Beginnings of English Poetry: Philological and Textual Challenges for the Creative Imagination - John J. Thompson and Ivan Herbison
The Honey Vision - Medbh McGuckian
The Scholar - Ciaran Carson
Hugh Magennis: A Bibliography, 1981-2011 - Ivan Herbison


Knowledgably compiled and deftly edited [it is] an informed and informative anthology. MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

[An] immaculately edited, exceptionally erudite, and handsome homage volume [...] Saints and Scholars has both honored Magennis and extended his professional achievement. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW