Rochester Studies in Medical History

The University of Rochester Press welcomes manuscript submissions for its series Rochester Studies in Medical History. The editor of the series is Christopher Crenner, the Hudson-Major Professor of the History of Medicine and Chair of the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Supporting the editor is the assistant editor, Ryan Fagan, PhD, and an advisory board consisting of scholars from leading institutions and programs. The series brings together a mix of titles and formats, ranging from monographs by a single author to edited volumes representing multiple authors and points of view.

The editors seek to bring to readers publications that will advance an understanding of health, illness, and healing in a broad historical context. The series promotes work that elucidates the history of public health and health policy, the history of clinical and investigative medicine, and the history of the biomedical sciences and their application to practice, as well as works that deepen our historical appreciation of the cultural and social significance of medicine and disease.

To submit an appropriate project for consideration, please fill out the University of Rochester Press proposal form, available here, and return it to the series editor, Chris Crenner, with a copy to editorial director Sonia Kane. Please make sure to include the following when you return the form:

  1. A brief but detailed synopsis of the work, outlining its original contribution to the existing literature
  2. An abstract of approximately 200 words, summarizing the work’s content
  3. A table of contents and, if possible, one or two representative sample chapters
  4. An updated CV for the author or editor of the volume.

Series Editor

Christopher Crenner, MD/PhD
Department of the History and Philosophy of Medicine
University of Kansas Medical Center
[email protected]
913 588-7040

Advisory Board

Merlin Chowkwanyun, PhD/MPH (Columbia University)
Deirdre Cooper Owens, PhD (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Christopher Hamlin, PhD (University of Notre Dame)
David S. Jones, MD/PhD (Harvard University)

Mical Raz, MD/PhD (University of Rochester)
David Rosner, PhD (Columbia University)
Kavita Sivaramakrishnan, PhD (Columbia University)

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