Rochester Studies in East and Central Europe

The University of Rochester Press is accepting manuscripts for its book series Rochester Studies in East and Central Europe. Timothy Snyder, Richard C. Levin Professor of History, Yale University, serves as series editor, and is assisted by a panel of prominent scholars from a variety of institutions. The editorial board seeks new projects in formats ranging from monographs by a single author to edited collections representing a wide array of points of view.

The series encompasses contemporary and historical works relating to all areas of East and Central Europe including the territory of the former Habsburg Empire, the western Soviet Republics and their successor states, and the Balkans. Works that treat German history in relation to East and Central European themes are also welcome. We seek manuscripts of original historical synthesis on a variety of subjects, and especially welcome works that cross traditional disciplinary, geographic, and period boundaries (for example, on the Ottoman Empire in Southeastern Europe or the Central European diaspora in Latin America). We will consider works of literature and historical memoir in translation, in both cases only when English-language rights are available. We are also interested in works that combine literary and historical perspectives.

To submit an appropriate project for consideration, please fill out and send to the series editor the University of Rochester Press proposal form, available here. The form should be accompanied by the following:

  1. a brief but detailed synopsis of the work, outlining its intended contribution to the existing literature;
  2. an abstract of approximately 200 words or less, summarizing the work’s content;
  3. a complete table of contents and, if possible, one or two sample chapters;
  4. and an updated CV.

Series Editor

Timothy Snyder
Department of History
Yale University
[email protected]

Advisory Board

Zoltan Barany (Political Science Department, University of Texas, Austin)
Robert Blobaum (History Department, West Virginia University)
Holly Case (Department of History, Brown University)
John Connelly (Department of History, University of California, Berkeley)
Jeremy King (History Department, Mount Holyoke College)

Malgorzata Mazurek (Department of History, Columbia University)
Randall W. Stone (Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies, University of Rochester)
Vladimir Tismaneanu (Center for Study of Post-Communist Societies, University of Maryland)

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