Robin Hood: An Anthology of Scholarship and Criticism

Robin Hood: An Anthology of Scholarship and Criticism

Edited by Stephen Knight





The first collection of major scholarly studies of aspects of the Robin Hood tradition.
The legends of Robin Hood are very familiar, but scholarship and criticism dealing with the long and varied tradition of the famous outlaw is as elusive as the identity of Robin himself, and is scattered in a wide range of sources, many difficult of access. This book is the first to bring together major studies of aspects of the tradition. The thirty-one studies take a variety of approaches, from archival exploration in quest of a real Robin Hood, to a political angle seeking the social meaning of the texts across time, to literary scholars concerned with origin, structures and generic variation, or moral and social significance; also included are considerations of theatre and film studies, and folklore and children's literature. Overall, the collection provides a valuable basis for further study.

STEPHEN KNIGHT is Professor of English Literature at the University of Wales, Cardiff; he is well-known as an authority on the Robin Hood tradition, and has edited the recently-discovered Robin Hood Forresters Manuscript.

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February 1999
495 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859915250
Format: Hardback
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An important resource for folklorists, literary critics, historians and other researchers... fascinating collection of materials. JOURNAL OF FOLKLORE RESEARCH

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