RIT Press

Established in 2001 as RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press, the Press initially focused on publishing titles documenting graphic communication processes, printing history, and bookmaking. As RIT Press’s editorial scope evolved, the Press broadened its reach to include content supporting all academic disciplines offered at RIT. These include business, computer science, applied science and technology, engineering, graphic arts, deaf studies, and liberal arts.

RIT Press is dedicated to the innovative use of new publishing technology while upholding high standards in content quality, publication design, and print/digital production. The Press offers specialized titles for niche academic audiences, trade editions for mass-market audiences, books on subjects of regional interest, occasional limited editions with unique aesthetic standards, as well as gift items.


Comic Studies Monograph Series
Graphic Design Archives Chapbook

Latest Releases

North by Nuuk

by Denis Defibaugh

Crafting Democracy

Edited by Juilee Decker and Hinda Mandell

The Comics Scare Returns

by Terrence R. Wandtke

Monet's Waterloo Bridge

Edited by Nancy Norwood

Words and Their Meanings

by Aldous Huxley