Rise and Fall of the South African Peasantry

January 1988
29 black and white, 2 line illustrations
304 pages
21x13.5 cm
ISBN: 9780852550472
Format: Paperback
James Currey

Rise and Fall of the South African Peasantry

Colin Bundy

With a Preface reviewing some of the debates prompted by the earlier edition of this book.
The first edition of this book was hailed as a major reinterpretation of South African history. It criticised the prevailing view that African agriculture was primitive or backward, and attacked the notion that poverty and lack of development were a result of 'traditionalism'. Bundy's work introduced the idea that by the late nineteenth and early twentieth century capitalist development in South Africa was increasingly hostile to peasant producers and a massive onslaught was launched against them - the understanding of this was vital to an understanding of both the South African past and present.
Keywords: African Studies


... essential reading for anybody who wishes to understand contemporary South Africa and its historical origins. ROAPE
... probably the most influential account of rural history produced in the 1970s. - Beinart, Delius and Trapido (eds) Putting a Plough to the Ground