We welcome the reuse of our content. We take the protection of copyright very seriously, but we also recognise how a fair rights and permissions policy can increase the impact of our publishing. We pride ourselves in being able to promptly process numerous requests from around the world. This page will direct you to the right place depending on the type of permission that you are looking for.

Photocopying, Course Packs and Reprint for Use in a Publication

Requests to reuse content are now being processed via third party websites. On these platforms you will be asked to search for the title you wish to reuse and fill in a form that the listed rights holder will use to review your request and, if approved, you will download your license and pay any fees due directly via these platforms. 

  • For Camden House and University of Rochester Press books please visit www.copyright.com to complete your request
  • For all other imprints please visit www.plsclear.com to complete your request 

Translations, Audio Books, Paperback Editions

To consider any offer we need to know the language, territory, price and print run of your edition, the royalty you would pay and the advance you would offer upon signature of the contract and if you require eBook rights to be included with your edition. If required, we can arrange for a PDF review copy for the purpose of assessing translation potential and not to be passed on to any third party or shared online.

We have a strong commitment to selling joint imprint low-priced paperback licenses English language editions to localised territories, particularly in Africa for our James Currey imprint books. These are often made possible by subsidies provided via our authors and their affiliates.

Self-archiving and Institutional Repositories

Our publications are only viable by virtue of their value to the very audience these repository environments serve. However, our policy does allow for consideration for self-archiving of  manuscripts on specific repositories, or in accordance with funding or affiliated institutional mandates. Permission may be subject to acceptance of terms and conditions such as embargo, version of the manuscript and citation.  Please apply by emailing our Rights Team.  

Boydell & Brewer considers the following to be repository policy standard terms and conditions, but we are willing to consider further exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis when applied for by the author of the Work:

  • Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) version
  • Embargo of at least 12 months 
  • Not-for-profit platform 
  • Closed repository not accessible wider than the community/institution unless institutional policy mandates otherwise
  • Must have a clear citation and link to details of the published version on the Boydell & Brewer website 
  • Must have a disclaimer indicating the content may not be copied, deposited or reused

Fair Dealing and Fair Use

Where usage falls into the ‘fair dealing’ (in the UK) or ‘fair use’ (in the US) category (e.g. in relation to short extracts to be used for the purposes of criticism, review or scholarly study) we are able to grant permission free of charge on the condition it is accompanied by a full citation of the original source, including the author of the work and the page numbers from which the extract has been taken from.. Where requests come from copyright owners who are seeking permission to use content that they have granted exclusive publication rights to us we need to formally consider their requests.

Short extracts are relative to the book from which you are reusing content and are not defined by word count or page count, and so in most cases you will need to apply via www.plsclear.com or www.copyright.com to be certain that your request falls within this category. The context of where in the book the content appears and the type of material is also considered, for example an image, figure or table would not be considered fair usage.

Dramatisation, TV rights, Serialisation any other requests

Please send any queries to our Rights & Permissions Manager, Rachel Reeder.  


I am the author of the content, do I need to seek permission?

If you are an author seeking to reuse work you have published with Boydell & Brewer you will need to refer to your author contract as it is likely you will have granted exclusive volume and sublicensing rights to us and so the formal steps outlined above as our policy still apply.

I would like to enquire about Open Access publishing

If you are seeking permission to release content in an Open Access environment, please refer to our Open Access policy. Please note, our Open Access content is released under a non-commercial and non-derivative creative commons license and so permission to reuse content from our Open Access Works still applies.

Are images included in the license I have obtained?

We may not be able to grant permissions for the use of all the material in its publications. In particular, illustrations, tables, poetry or other quotations may have been reproduced by permission of another rights owner and clearance will have to be sought from this third party.

I have seen this content online, do I still need permission?

The internet is subject to the same copyright rules and content appearing online is not the same as being “public domain”. You still need to obtain permission unless the work is an Open Access work and your request is within the parameters of the creative commons license listed with the Work.

Where content is found online without our permission we have a piracy policy to seek the removal of the copyright infringement.

I am not sure if you are the primary publisher, but the book is on your website, who should I contact?

We may not hold the rights for all of the publications listed for sale on our website. Some of the Works we represent are done so in a third-party distribution basis or occasionally our authors, or their agents, retain some rights instead of assigning them all to us. In these cases these publishers/societies may be listed independently on www.plsclear.com or www.copyright.com but if not we would be happy to pass on your request, where we can.

Do you have a minimum invoice fee?

Yes, we do. It may work out cheaper for you to apply for a reuse on the plsclear or copyright platforms as we do not have to apply an administrative fee when this cost is consolidated across all licenses by the third party platform. Additionally, for our licenses we must ensure that any authors who are eligible for a royalty are fairly reimbursed and that the portion of the fee that remains is enough to cover our own costs.

Our policies are reviewed regularly.