Revival and Resurgence in Christian History

Revival and Resurgence in Christian History

Papers Read at the 2006 Summer Meeting and the 2007 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society

Edited by Kate Cooper, Jeremy Gregory


Ecclesiastical History Society



The revival and stimulation of ideas and practices are the focus of this wide-ranging collection.
From early in the history of Christianity, there have been numerous attempts to revive ideals and practices believed to be those of the primitive church, or to foster a resurgence of Christian faith and practice, in devotional, intellectual, organizational, or artistic contexts. This volume explores how Christian revivals and resurgences have drawn on an idea of the past, often to criticize what was deemed to be lacking in contemporary experience. The essays collected here range widely both geographically, from Africa to Australia, and historically, from the self-conscious revival of the journeys of the apostles by pilgrims in late antiquity, to the Caribbean revival of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in contemporary Grenada. Topics covered include the Cistercian movement, devotional resurgence in the British Reformation, the revival of female religious communities under Napoleon, and the effect of religious revival on Welsh rugby football. While asking how far Christian revivals and resurgences were in fact stimulated by the desire to emulate earlier practice or how far they were motivated by present-day concerns, the essays also illuminate the diverse reception - sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes critical - which these movements encountered. A particular feature of the volume is the consideration of the varieties of Evangelical revival within Protestant churches from the eighteenth century to current times, as well as examining how far the concept of revival needs to be extended beyond Protestant Evangelicalism.


June 2008
4 black and white illustrations
420 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History
ISBN: 9780954680947
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
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Table of Contents

Reviving the Memory of the Apostles: Apocryphal Tradition and Travel Literature in Late Antiquity - Scott Johnson
Past Models and Contemporary Concerns: the Foundation and Growth of the Cistercian Order - Janet Burton
Saint Francis of Assisi's Repair of the Church - Anne Kirkham
Revivalism and Populism in the Franciscan Observance of the Late Quattrocen to - Gary Dickson
Reaction to Revival: Robert Ridley's Critique of Erasmus - Margaret M Harvey
The Re-invention of Devotion in the British Reformations - Alec Ryrie
Revival and Resurgence in Sixteenth-Century Catholicism: the Contribution of the Italian and Spanish Dominicans - Patrick Preston
The Revival of Practical Christianity: the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Samuel Wesley, and the Clerical Society Movement - Geordan Hammond
Narratives of Conversion in English Calvinistic Methodism - David Ceri Jones
The Pattern of Revival: John Wesley's Vision of `Iniquity' and `Godliness' in Church History - Darren W. Schmidt
`I will once more shake the heavens': the 1762 Revival in Wales - Eryn White
Reformation, Revival and Rebirth in Anglican Evangelical Thought, c. 1780-c .1830 - Gareth Atkins
William Wilberforce's Practical View (1797) and its Reception - John Wolffe
Napoleon and the Revival of Female Religious Communities in Paris, 1800-14 - Gemma Betros
The Resurgence of Colonial Anglicanism: the Colonial Bishoprics Fund, 1840- 1 - Rowan Strong
The Oxford Movement as Religious Revival and Resurgence - Peter B Nockles
Culture and Piety in the Far West: Revival in Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehol e in 1849 - David W Bebbington
Revivalism, Historians, and Lived Religion in the Eastern Canada-United States Borderlands - Hannah M. Lane
The Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Movement: Revival in the West Midlands, 1875- 90? -
Revival as Cultural Spotlight: the Strange Case of Rugby Football and the Welsh Revival of 1904-5 - Dominic Erdozain
Renewing Methodist Evangelicalism: the Origins and Development of the Methodist Revival Fellowship - Martin Wellings
The `Revival' in the Visual Arts in the Church of England, c.1935-c.1956 - Peter Webster
Anglican Evangelicals and Revival, 1945-59 - Alister Chapman
The Roots of Resurgence: Evangelical Parish Ministry in the mid-Twentieth Century - M A Smith
Boundary Crossing and Boundary Marking: Radical Revival in Congo and Uganda from 1948 - Emma Wild-Wood
Baptist Revival and Renewal in the 1960s - I M Randall
Rescued from the Brink: the Collapse and Resurgence of Wycliffe Hall, Oxfor d - Andrew Atherstone
The East African Revival of the Twentieth Century: the Search for an Evangelical African Christianity - Kevin Ward
Revival, Caribbean Style: the Case of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Grenada, 1983-2004 - Keith A. Francis

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