Retribution, Repentance, and Reconciliation

Retribution, Repentance, and Reconciliation

Edited by Kate Cooper, Jeremy Gregory


Ecclesiastical History Society



Studies of ritual and other strategies employed by the ancient, medieval, and modern Churches for re-uniting divided communities.
Though Jesus's teachings emphasized forgiveness, the themes of retribution and judgement have nonetheless played a significant role in Christian thought from the earliest times. It is in the struggle of ancient, medieval, and modern Churches to establish effective ritual and other strategies for re-uniting divided communities - to give full expression to ideals of repentance and reconciliation - that the present volume finds its theme, of interest for all periods of Christianity's history. It brings together recent scholarship on how the Christian Churches have dealt with social tensions within and beyond their boundaries, from ancient Rome to twentieth-century South Africa. The many contributions from a variety of distinguished scholars include CHRISTINE TREVETT on repentance and forgiveness in early Christian communities; SARAH HAMILTON on penance in the age of Gregorian reform; JOHN BOSSY on satisfaction in early modern Europe, and HUGH MCLEOD on Christian attitudes to capital punishment in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Dr Kate Cooper and Dr Jeremy Gregory are both Senior Lecturers at the Department of Religions and Theology, University of Manchester.


July 2005
398 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History
ISBN: 9780952973393
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
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Table of Contents

`I Have Heard from Some Teachers': the Second-Century Struggle for Forgiveness and Reconciliation - Christine Trevett
Informal Penance in Early Medieval Christendom - Richard M Price
A Token of Repentance and Reconciliation: Oswiu and the Murder of King Oswine - Christopher M Scargill
Penance in the Age of Gregorian Reform - Sarah Hamilton
Penance and Reconciliation in the Crusader States: Matthew Paris, Jacques de Vitry and the Eastern Christians - Andrew Jotischky
Theologies of Reconciliation in Thirteenth-Century England - William H Campbell
Church Discipline in the Later Middle Ages: the Priors of Durham as Archdeacons - Margaret M Harvey
Satisfaction in Early Modern Europe, c<\I>.1400-1700 - John Bossy
Luther and the Sacramentality of Penance - David Bagchi
Judgement and Repentance in Tudor Manchester: the Celestial Journey of Ellis Hall - Peter Marshall
Did Early Modern Calvanists Have a Guilt Complex? - Graeme N J Murdock
Recantation and Retribution: `Remembering Francis Spira', 1548- 1638 - M A Overell
`The Partial Customs of Those Frozen Parts': Religious Riot and Reconciliation in the North of England - Andrew Cambers
Confession and Absolution in Caroline Cambridge: the 1637 Crisis in Context - Eric J Carlson
`There Very Children Were Soe Full of Hatred': Royalist Clerical Families and the Politics of Everyday Conflict in Civil War and Interregnum EnglandInterregnum England - Michelle Wolfe
`...In Love and Charity with Your Neighbours': Ecclesiastical Courts and Justices of the Peace in England in the Eighteenth CenturyCentury - W. M. Jacob
Public Orders into Moral Communities: Eighteenth-Century Fast and Thanksgiving Day Sermons in the Dutch Republic and New England - Peter van Rooden
Imprisonment and Release in the Writings of the Wesleys - Tim Macquiban
Relationships Human and Divine: Retribution and Repentance in Children's Lives, 1740-1870 - Mary Clare Martin
Community and Discipline in Ulster Presbyterianism, c<\I> 1770- 1840 - Andrew Holmes
Penance and the Priestless Old Believers in Modern Russia, 1771- 1850s - Irina Paert
Judging the Nation: Early Nineteenth-Century British Evangelicals and Divine Retribution - John Wolffe
Gladiators of Expiation: the Cult of the Martyrs in the Catholic Revival of the Nineteenth-Century - Vincent Viaene
Volker and Mokomoko: `Symbols of Reconciliation' in Aotearoa, New Zealand - Allan K Davidson
God and the Gallows: Christianity and Capital Punishment in the Nineteenth and Twentienth Centuries - Hugh McLeod
British Army Chaplains and Capital Courts-Martial in the First World War - Michael Snape
From Resistance to National Reconciliation: the Response and Role of the Ecumenical Church in South Africa - John W De Gruchy


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(A) fascinating collection. HISTORY
Of special interest to Church historians and theologians. REVIEWS IN RELIGION AND THEOLOGY

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