Research Reports of the Link Energy Fellows

February 1992
11 black and white, 25 line illustrations
180 pages
22.8x15.2 in
ISBN: 9781878822116
Format: Hardback
University of Rochester Press

Research Reports of the Link Energy Fellows

Volume 7, September 1991

Edited by Brian J. Thompson

Highly topical papers from young scholars specialising in energy research —mastery of air and sea, the development of energy resources and conservation.
The Link Foundation awards yearly fellowships for research into themastery of the air and sea, and the development of energy resourcesand their conservation. The Fellows' annual reports make stimulatingreading, representing some of the most advanced work in the energyand energy-related fields. Contents: DIETER BEIKE: Offshore Oil and Gas Development in the Ross Sea; DWAYNE S. BREGER: Seasonal Ice Storage for Cooling Loads; DAVID ANTHONY HOGSETT: Direct Microbial Conversion of Lignocellulose to Ethanol; Q.X. JIA and W. A. ANDERSON: High Temperature Superconducting YBa2Cu307-x Films; BIN LIU and MICHAEL J. WENGLER: Modeling of Quasioptical Josephson Oscillator; C. MICHAEL SMITH: Thermal Reaction Chemistry of Polycyclic Alkylaromatics

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