Renaissance Papers 2004

Renaissance Papers 2004

Edited by Christopher Cobb, M. Thomas Hester


Camden House



Yearly volume containing seven new essays on topics from the Metaphysical Poets to Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Milton.
Renaissance Papers is a collection of the best scholarly essays submitted each year to the Southeastern Renaissance Conference. The Conference accepts papers on all subjects relating to the Renaissance--music, art, history, literature, etc.--from scholars all over North America and the world. Of the seven essays in the 2004 volume, three have to do with the Metaphysical Poets; among the topics here are the significant use of chiasmus in the poetry of Donne and Herbert, reading Donne's Virginian Company sermon in its context, and the religion of Crashaw. Other essays consider the John Eliot emendation in The Life of King Henry V, the justice and rationality of authority in The Winter's Tale, Marlowe's poetry of allusion and substitution in Hero and Leander, and the shape of Book X of Milton's Paradise Lost.

Contributors: Anne Coldiron, Andrew Harvey, Pamela Royston Macfie, Joseph A. Porter, Jeanne Shami, Kay Gilliland Stevenson, and John N. Wall.

M. Thomas Hester is Professor of English, and Christopher Cobb is Assistant Professor of English, both at North Carolina State University.

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April 2005
147 pages
8.5x5.5 in
Renaissance Papers
ISBN: 9781571133113
Format: Hardback
Camden House
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Table of Contents

All Ovids Elegies, the Amores, and the Allusive Close of Marlowe's Hero and Leander - Pamela Royston Macfie
Revisiting Shakespeare's Eliot - Joseph A. Porter
"'Tis Rigor and Not Law": Trials of Women as Trials of Patriarchy in The Winter's Tale - A.E.B. Coldiron
Crossing Wits: Donne, Herbert, and Sacramental Rhetoric - Andrew Harvey
Love and Power: The Rhetorical Motives of John Donne's 1622 Sermon to the Virginia Company - Jeanne Shami
Crashaw, Catholicism, and Englishness: Defining Religious Identity - John N. Wall
Addendum - George Walton Williams
Beyond "no end": The Shape of Paradise Lost X - Kay Gilliland Stevenson

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