Remarks on the Needed Reform of German in the United States

Remarks on the Needed Reform of German in the United States

John Van Cleve, A. Leslie Willson

Analysis of teaching of German and proposals for reform of the curriculum in German studies.
This succinct book could be the key to a healthy and vital revival of the study of German language, literature and culture — and their intellectual and commercial riches — throughout the world. It describes in blunt terms the current crisis in German studies in the United States, as reflected primarily in the shrinking numbers of German-language students, and proposes reasonable solutions. It should be required reading for faculty members in every German section of foreign language departments and in every German department; and should be on the bookshelf of every graduate student who plans to enter the profession of German studies.
The purpose of the book, written by two Germanists who are deeply committed to the profession, is to provoke debate, and to promote discussion, and to bring about reform.


"There is little doubt that the authors are fundamentally right in suggesting that German study in the United States is in the midst of a deep, prolonged, and possibly fatal crisis. If this book, as I hope, helps bring Germanists from all regions and various institutions into a sustained, pragmatic, and constructive discussion that will lead to concrete and helpful solutions, then it will have performed an invaluable service." MONATSHEFTE
"This book is a must for every German teacher who cares about his/her profession. We need to debate the issues raised in this book in our departments and in our professional organizations." WOMEN IN GERMAN

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