Religion and Urban Change

Religion and Urban Change

Croydon, 1840-1914

J.N. Morris


Royal Historical Society



A study of the impact of urbanisation on organised religion in Croydon in the Victorian and Edwardian era.
Drawing upon detailed local sources, Dr Morris's study of the town and suburbs of Croydon concentrates on the impact of urbanisation upon the development of Victorian and Edwardian organised religion. The book addresses in particular the origins and form of what has been described as the decline of organised religion in England, pinpointing the difficulties inherent in previous attempts to account for this phenomenon. In his search for an explanation, Dr Morris argues that it is appropriate to study the local tensions and conflicts which engrossed the attention of the churches in this period, the religious beliefs and activities of the middle classes who composed the broad mass of church membership, and the activities and divisions of the urban elites who were most influential in the churches' management. Finally he examines the role of reformed local government in redefining the sphere within which church action was deemed to be effective.


January 1993
2 line illustrations
248 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Royal Historical Society Studies in History
ISBN: 9780861932221
Format: Hardback
Royal Historical Society
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A valuable contribution in identifying the ecclesiastical implications of the rise of the "local state". JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY
Very wide-ranging...essential reading for the relationship between the religious and the secular in the late nineteenth century. SOUTHERN HISTORY
There is much to be learned from Morris's discussion of the political changes attendant upon population growth ... and the import of these for the place of religion in the community. VICTORIAN STUDIES [US]
A fine contribution to the still only partly understood relationship between growing urbanization and the decline of church influence in England at the turn of the century. CHURCH HISTORY [US]

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