Regional Identities in North-East England, 1300-2000

November 2007
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Regions and Regionalism in History
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Regional Identities in North-East England, 1300-2000

Edited by Adrian Green, A.J. Pollard

Is North East England really a coherent and self-conscious region? The essays collected here address this topical issue, from the middle ages to the present day.
`Required reading for all those interested in the history of North-East England'. ANTHONY FLETCHER.

In November 2004 the people of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the historic counties of Durham and Northumberland, along with Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland in North Yorkshire, decisively rejected a regional assembly. The referendum came as the culmination of a long campaign for regional devolution, which asked a number of searching questions. What sort of a region is and was the North East of England? How deep-rooted is the identity of the North East as a region? How can one find a regional identity in the more distant past?

This collection of essays, the product of a research project undertaken collaboratively by the five north-eastern Universities, looks for the elusive self-conscious region over many centuries. It suggests that the notion of a single regional identity is a recent phenomenon overlaying a kaleidoscope of sub-regional associations and connections. Today's region appears to be more fissured and fragile than we like to imagine. The approach and conclusions reached are of significance not only for the history of the old counties of north-eastern England, but also for the wider history of England, and hold significant implications for the history of regions and regionalism in general.

ADRIAN GREEN is Lecturer in History at Durham University; Professor A.J. POLLARD is University Fellow at the University of Teesside.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Identifying Regions
North-eastern Identities from the Scottish Wars to the Wars of the Roses, 1396-1620 - Andy King and Christian D Liddy and Matthew Holford
Borders and Bishopric: Regional Identities in the Pre-Modern North East, 15 59-1620 - Diana R Newton
Law in North-East England: Community, Country and Region, 1550-1850 - Peter Rushton
A Shock for Bishop Pudsey: Social Change and Regional Identity in the Diocese of Durham, 1820-1920 - Robert Lee
Business Regionalism: Defining and Owning the Industrial North-East, 1850- 1914 - Graeme J. Milne
Competing Identities: Irish and Welsh England, 1851-1980 - Joan Allen and Richard Allen
Immigrant Politics and North-East Identity, 1907-1973 - Jim MacPherson and David Renton
Regionalism and Cultural History: The Case of North-Eastern England, 1918-1 976 - Natasha Vall
Conclusion: Finding North-East England


The North-East may often have lacked coherence, but this important work does not. It deserves the attention of all interested in the history of regions and regional identity, wherever those regions might be. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

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