Records of Convocation XVIII: Ireland, 1690-1869, Part 2

June 2006
488 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Records of Convocation
ISBN: 9781843832348
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

Records of Convocation XVIII: Ireland, 1690-1869, Part 2

Lower House: 1703-13; Both Houses: 1714-1869

Edited by Gerald Bray

The convocation records of the Churches of England and Ireland are the principal source of our information about the administration of those churches from middle ages until modern times. They contain the minutes of clergy synods, the legislation passed by them, tax assessments imposed by the king on the clergy, and accounts of the great debates about religious reformation; they also include records of heresy trials in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, many of them connected with the spread of Lollardy. However, they have never before been edited or published in full, and their publication as a complete set of documents provides a valuable resource for scholarship.
This volume contains the [incomplete] acts of the lower house of convocation in the reign of Queen Anne, as well as all the material dealing with the institution's survival after 1713. Of particular interest are the correspondence surrounding the act of union in 1800 and the political manoeuverings leading up to disestablishment in the 1860s. The volume also contains extensive appendixes, including the Nova taxatio of Pope Nicholas IV for Ireland, the Valor ecclesiasticus of Henry VIII and the surviving evidence of Irish clerical taxation from the middle ages to the late seventeenth century.

Table of Contents

Anne [1702-14]
George I [1714-27]
George II [1727-60]
George III [1760-1820]
George IV [1820-30]
William IV [1830-7]
Victoria [1837-1901]
A table of proportions to be paid by the archbishops and bishops
Prolocutors of the Irish national convocation, 1615-1869
Membership of the convocation of the Church of Ireland
Irish bishops in the house of lords, 1801-70
The Nova Taxatio of Pope Nicholas IV in Ireland
The Valor in Hibernia
Irish clerical taxation
Guide to source material
The Irish convocation controversy, 1708-11
Index of sources
Index of references
Index of names and places
Index of subjects

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