Records of Convocation [Ireland set]

Records of Convocation [Ireland set]

Edited by Gerald Bray


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Boydell Press



The records of the convocation of the Church of Ireland, available for the first time complete in three volumes.
Largely unpublished hitherto, the materials contained in The Records of Convocation have been drawn from a variety of sources. They make available, for the first time, the fullest possible account of the convocations which stood at the very heart of the nation's life throughout most of the medieval and early modern period. The Records of Convocation contain the minutes of clergy synods, the legislation passed by them tax assessments imposed by the king on the clergy, and accounts of the great debates about religious reformation and reform.

This series makes available in print for the first time the records of the convocation of the Church of Ireland, covering the period from 1101, when the first reforming synod in Ireland is recorded, to its disestablishment in 1869. These three volumes include a modern edition of the Irish Nova taxation of 1291 and of the Irish Valor ecclesiasticus, complied between 1538 and 1630.


June 2006
1600 pages
Records of Convocation
ISBN: 9781843831877
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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