Rationale for a New Way of Teaching Music

January 1818
1 line illustrations
100 pages
18.4x12.2 cm
Classic Texts in Music Education
ISBN: 9780863140372
Format: Hardback
Boethius Press

Rationale for a New Way of Teaching Music

Pierre Galin

Translated by Bernarr Rainbow, Bernarr Rainbow

First published in 1818, Pierre Galin's analysis of the learning processes common to language and music still present a challenge today.
[from Exposition d'une Nouvelle méthode, 1818] Inspired by the teachings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and persuaded that traditional methods of teaching music in France were mistaken, Pierre Galin applied his training in logic and the sciences to a devising a more satisfactory teaching procedure. The unprecedented analysis of the learning process common to language and music that resulted is published here in Bernarr Rainbow's translation for the first time. It presents a challenge as valid today as when it was first written in 1818.

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