Prestige, Authority and Power in Late Medieval Manuscripts and Texts

Prestige, Authority and Power in Late Medieval Manuscripts and Texts

Edited by Felicity Riddy


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A range of manuscripts and texts from various social contexts studied for what they reveal of that social background.
Prestige, authority and power: what is the significance of these three terms for the study of late-medieval manuscripts and texts? This collection of essays, by leading scholars from Britain and North America, answers this question in various ways: by discussing manuscripts as prestigious de luxe objects; by showing how the layout of texts was used to confer different kinds of authority; and by locating manuscripts and texts more dynamically in what Foucault calls `power's net-like organisation'. All of the essays in the volume embed the manuscripts they discuss in particular sets of personal relationships, conducted in specific social environments - in the schoolroom or the monastery, at court, in the gentry household and the city, or mediating between these. The essays address, among others, issues of gender, patronage, status, self-authorization, and gentry and urban sociability, in studies ranging from the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries. Professor FELICITY RIDDY teaches in the Centre for Medieval Studies and the Department of English at the University of York. Contributors: SUZANNE REYNOLDS, KANTIK GHOSH, KATE HARRIS, KATHLEEN L. SCOTT, JOHN THOMPSON, CAROL M. MEALE, ANNE M. DUTTON, JAMES P. CARLEY, DAVID R. CARLSON


December 2000
2 colour, 19 black and white illustrations
210 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
York Manuscripts Conference
ISBN: 9780952973461
Format: Hardback
Library eBook
York Medieval Press
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Table of Contents

Inventing Authority: Glossing, Literacy and the Classical Text - Suzanne Reynolds
Manuscripts of Nicholas Love's The Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ and Notions of Authority - Kantik Ghosh
The Patronage and Dating of Longleat House, MS 24, a Prestige Copy of the Pupilla Oculi Illuminated by the Master of the Troilus FrontispieceTroilus Frontispiece - Kate D Harris
Limner-Power: An English Book Artist of c.1420 - Kathleen Scott
A Poet's Contacts with the Great and the Good: Further Consideration of Thomas Hoccleve's Texts and Manuscripts - John J. Thompson
The Politics of Book Ownership; the Hopton Family and Bodleian Library, Digby MS 185 - Wendy Bracewell
Piety, Politics and Persona: British Library, Harley MS 4012 and Anne Harling - Anne Dutton
The Abbess of Malling's Gift Manuscript (1520) - Mary C. Erler
'Plutarch's' Life of Agesilaus: a Recently Located New Year Gift to Thomas Cromwell by Henry Parker, Lord Morley - James Carley
Manuscripts After Printing: Affinity, Dissent and Display in the Texts of Wyatt's Psalms - David R. Carlson


A stimulating collection which marks current directions in research and maintains continuity with what is becoming a well-established tradition of scholarship. ANGLIA Something here to interest virtually everyone engaged in the study of book production and ownership in the middle ages. YES

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