Power and Border Lordship in Medieval France

Power and Border Lordship in Medieval France

The County of the Perche, 1000-1226

Kathleen Thompson


Royal Historical Society



The emergence of the northern French county of the Perche, and the rise of the Rotrou family from obscure origins to princely power, 11-13c.
This is the first modern account of the emergence of the northern French county of the Perche, and the rise of a relatively minor noble family from obscure origins to princely power. The Rotrou family ruled the Perche from around the year 1000 until 1226. They took part in many of the most famous military engagements of the middle ages, from the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 to the recovery of territory from the Muslims in twelfth-century Spain. Their involvement in crusading initiatives was told in the popular poetry of the day, and they came to number the kings of France, England, Aragon and Sicily, as well as the Holy Roman Emperor, among their kinsmen.
This narrative explains the family's transformation and consolidation of its position in the context of a vibrant and expanding society in the years after 1000, looking at their territorial ambitions, construction of a feudal clientele and operation of lordship through female family.

Dr KATHLEEN THOMPSON is Honorary Research Fellow, University of Sheffield.


12 line illustrations
237 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Royal Historical Society Studies in History New Series
Paperback, 9781843838340, October 2013
Hardback, 9780861932542, March 2002
Royal Historical Society
Boydell Press
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An invaluable study of one county and one family, the Rotrous, in north central France that helps us better understand the medieval world. MEDIEVAL WARFARE

Touches on important aspects of the history of both [France and England], and makes a serious contribution to our understanding of the period. HISTORY
Important for all historians interested in northern French and Anglo-Norman politics and power, and Orderic Vitalis in particular... A fascinating story... an excellent case study. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW
[The author's] able handling of sources...offers an illuminating study of lordship in practice. SPECULUM

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