Plato's Erotic Thought

May 2002
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248 pages
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Rochester Studies in Philosophy
ISBN: 9781580460682
Format: Hardback
University of Rochester Press
BISAC PHI002000, PHI015000

Plato's Erotic Thought

The Tree of the Unknown

Alfred Geier

An attempt, by a close reading of three Platonic dialogues, the Symposium, Lysis, and the Phaedrus, to discover the true nature of the object of Eros and especially to understand the mystery of its birth.
This work is an attempt to understand the nature of the object of Eros in Plato's writings. In the first chapter certain considerations based on a passage in Plato's Symposium lead to a discovery and characterization of the nature of that object and several of its features. Then it is realized that the chief problem or mystery about the nature of the object of Eros is how it arises. The book then explores the Lysis and the Phaedrus, which both address how the object arises, in two different ways, the Socratic and the Platonic.

Alfred Geier is associate professor of religious and classical studies, University of Rochester.

Table of Contents

The Nature of Love
The Symposium: The "Failure" of Love
The Birth of the Beloved, One Way: Plato's Lysis
The Birth of the Beloved, Another Way; Plato's Phaedrus

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