Place-names, Language and the Anglo-Saxon Landscape

March 2011
5 black and white, 24 line illustrations
258 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Pubns Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies
ISBN: 9781843836032
Format: Hardback
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Place-names, Language and the Anglo-Saxon Landscape

Edited by Nicholas J. Higham, Martin J. Ryan

An exploration of the landscape of Anglo-Saxon England, particularly through the prism of place-names and what they can reveal.
The landscape of modern England still bears the imprint of its Anglo-Saxon past. Villages and towns, fields, woods and forests, parishes and shires, all shed light on the enduring impact of the Anglo-Saxons. The essays in this volume explore the richness of the interactions between the Anglo-Saxons and their landscape: how they understood, described, and exploited the environments of which they were a part. Ranging from the earliest settlement period through to the urban expansion of late Anglo-Saxon England, this book draws on evidence from place-names, written sources, and the landscape itself to provide fresh insights into the topic. Subjects explored include the history of the study of place-names and the Anglo-Saxon landscape; landscapes of particular regions and the exploitation of particular landscape types; the mechanisms of the transmission and survival of written sources; and the problems and potentials of interdisciplinary research into the Anglo-Saxon landscape.

Nicholas J. Higham is Professor of Early Medieval and Landscape History at the University of Manchester; Martin Ryan lectures in Medieval History at the University of Manchester.

Contributors: Ann Cole, Linda M. Corrigan, Dorn Van Dommelen, Simon Draper, Gillian Fellows-Jensen, Della Hooke, Duncan Probert, Alexander R. Rumble, Martin J. Ryan, Peter A. Stokes, Richard Watson.

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Table of Contents

Place-Names, Language and the Anglo-Saxon Landscape: An Introduction - Martin J. Ryan
The Landscape of Place-Name Studies - Alexander R. Rumble
Place-Names as Travellers' Landmarks - Ann Cole
Light thrown by Scandinavian Place-Names on the Anglo-Saxon Landscape - Gillian Fellows-Jensen
Language and the Anglo-Saxon Landscape: Towards an Archaeological Interpretation of Place-Names in Wiltshire - Simon Draper
Hunting the Vikings in South Cumbria from Ambleside to Haverbrack - Linda M. Corrigan
Viking-Age Amounderness: A Reconsideration - Richard Watson
The Woodland Landscape of Early Medieval England - Della Hooke
The Pre-Conquest Lands and Parish of Crediton Minster, Devon - Duncan Probert
Rewriting the Bounds: Pershore's Powick and Leigh - Peter A. Stokes
That 'Dreary Old Question': The Hide in Early Anglo-Saxon England - Martin J. Ryan
Boroughs and Socio-Political Reconstruction in Late Anglo-Saxon England - Dorn Van Dommelen


This volume's strength is in solid empirical research into how early medieval landscape was settled, organised and exploited. MEDIEVAL ARCHAEOLOGY

As befits the fruit of an interdisciplinary conference with a wide remit, the essays cover a wide range of themes, with several displaying considerable historical and philological subtlety. LANDSCAPE HISTORY

Contains some excellent material that many will find very rewarding, and it will surely encourage further use of onomastic and documentary sources in the exploration of landscape history. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW

There is much of interest, ranging from detailed surveys of estate boundaries to wider contributions considering Scandinavian settlement. BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGY

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