Pioneers in Medicine and  Their Impact on Tuberculosis

December 2000
6 black and white illustrations
274 pages
9x6 in
ISBN: 9781580460675
Format: Hardback
University of Rochester Press
BISAC MED039000, HEA039120, BIO017000

Pioneers in Medicine and Their Impact on Tuberculosis

Thomas M. Daniel

Pioneers in Medicine and Their Impact on Tuberculosis tells the stories of six individuals [Laennec, Koch, Biggs, von Pirquet, Frost, and Waksman], each of whom made significant contributions to their own respective medical fields, as well as to the overall battle to conquer tuberculosis.
Throughout history, tuberculosis has been at or near the top of the list of infectious diseases that have plagued humankind. This pervasive disease has had a central position not only in causing illness but also in challenging medical scientists to understand it -- and, in so doing, to further understand all of human health and illness. Pioneers in Medicine and Their Impact on Tuberculosis tells the stories of six of these individuals: Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec [pathology], Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch [bacteriology], Hermann Michael Biggs [public health], Clemens von Pirquet [immunology], Wade Hampton Frost [epidemiology], and Selman Abraham Waksman [antibiotics]. It examines not only their contributions in their own fields but also their special work in conquering tuberculosis. Presenting their fascinating lives and the seminal work they did in their disciplines, the author examines the importance of their discoveries and relates them to the dramatic expansion of medical science during the era in which they lived.

Thomas M. Daniel is Professor Emeritus of Medicine and International Health and Emeritus Director of the Center for International Health at Case Western Reserve University. His previous book, Captain of Death: The Story of Tuberculosis [University of Rochester Press, 1997] was "strongly recommended" by the New England Journal of Medicine, and was selected by Choice for its Outstanding Academic Book List for 1998.


Even though it is often technical, in Daniel's talented hands the text is easy and even, and occasionally pleasurable to read. The useful glossary and excellent documentation and index make the book accessible to a wide audience. CHOICE

In this fascinating book. . . Daniel presents a masterful summary of tuberculosis history. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION

Interesting, accessible, and well-crafted. . . to appeal to general readers. . . Daniel knows enough about tuberculosis that anything he writes on the subject is likely to be informative and worth reading. This book is both. BULLETIN OF THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE

Daniel's summary of tuberculosis history is clearly written and includes a useful glossary. SOCIAL HISTORY OF MEDICINE 16.1 2003

Highly informative and readable. CANADIAN BULLETIN OF MEDICAL HISTORY

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