People, Markets, Goods: Economies and Societies in History

The interactions of economy and society, people and goods, transactions and actions are at the root of most human behaviours. Economic and social historians are participants in the same conversation about how markets have developed historically and how they have been constituted by economic actors and agencies in various social, institutional and geographical contexts. New debates now underpin much research in economic and social, cultural, demographic, urban and political history. Their themes have enduring resonance—financial stability and instability, the costs of health and welfare, the implications of poverty and riches, flows of trade and the centrality of communications. This new paperback series aims to attract historians interested in economics and economists with an interest in history by publishing high quality, cutting edge academic research in the broad field of economic and social history from the late medieval/early modern period to the present day. It encourages the interaction of qualitative and quantitative methods through both excellent monographs and collections offering path-breaking overviews of key research concerns. Taking as its benchmark international relevance and excellence it is open to scholars and subjects of any geographical areas from the case study to the multi-nation comparison.

Series Editors

Steve Hindle, Washington University in St. Louis
Jane Humphries, University of Oxford
Willem M. Jongman, University of Groningen
Nuala Zahedieh, University of Edinburgh
Jane Whittle, University of Exeter
Marguerite Dupree, University of Glasgow
John Turner, Queen’s University Belfast

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