Path for Freedom The Liberal Project of the Swabian School in Württemberg, 1806-1848

September 1993
17 black and white illustrations
260 pages
22.8x15.2 in
Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture
ISBN: 9781879751705
Format: Hardback
Camden House

Path for Freedom The Liberal Project of the Swabian School in Württemberg, 1806-1848

Victor G. Doerksen

Describes the activities of writers working for liberalism in 19th-century Württemberg.
A Path for Freedom describes a little understood activity of poets and writers of Württemberg in the first half of the nineteenth century. These writers, the majority of whom are consigned by historians to the 'Biedermeier' or conservative camp, were in fact engaged in what is here called the liberal project, using their writing to further the cause of constitutional liberalism.
Poets like Uhland and Kerner, and lesser known journalists such as Friedrich List and Rudolf Lohbauer, were engaged in working within the system to further the liberal cause; nonetheless, many of them served terms in prison for their actions. Professor Doerksen's book follows such figures beyond the pages of literary history to observe the Württemberg writers in their political roles and as literary combatants.
This cross-disciplinary study will be of interest not only to Germanists but also to historians of social thought and German political movements of the nineteenth century.


"I know of no other book, including ones written in German, that treats the subject so comprehensively and clearly. . .and shows the interweaving of politics, literature, theology, and philosophy in such a concrete and informative way." SUEVICA

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