We are committed to working with our customers, authors, partners and suppliers to publish sustainably and to help fight climate change. We are seeking to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing sustainable practices throughout the business, from sourcing eco-friendly materials for book production and championing digital publishing to optimising energy usage in our offices and reducing travel where possible.

Our green journey is ongoing. Here are a few of the things we’ve done so far to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Signed Publishing Declares and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Compact.
  • Switched the majority of our printing to Print on Demand.
  • Adopted a Zero Inventory model. Books are printed on-site at our distribution centres in the UK and US and shipped directly to customers, avoiding transportation from the printer to a warehouse, and reducing the significant carbon footprint associated with pulping overstocks.
  • Introduced hybrid-working, resulting in reduced energy usage in our offices and less commuting.
  • Began volunteering to clean up litter in the local area several times throughout the year during lunch breaks.
  • Wherever possible we print on FSC approved papers.

Our Green Team is dedicated in ensuring all materials are appropriately recycled in the office.

A Cycle to Work scheme is open to all employees

We use Zero Inventory processes for greener printing and shipping


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