Ordinale Exoni. Volume I

January 1909
424 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Henry Bradshaw Society
ISBN: 9781907497148
Format: Paperback
Henry Bradshaw Society
BISAC REL033000, HIS037010

Ordinale Exoni. Volume I

Exeter Chapter MS 3502 collated with Parker MS 93, with two Appendices from Trinity College Cambridge MS B.XI.16 and Exeter Chapter MS 3625)

Edited by John Neale Dalton

The Exeter Ordinale is a huge ordinal issued by John de Grandisson, bishop of Exeter [1327-69], in 1337; it is edited on the basis of manuscripts that belonged to, and were annotated by, the bishop himself. The compilation marked an important point in medieval study of the liturgy, and the Legenda [liturgical readings for saints' days] which it contains are regarded as one of the most important sources for the study of English medieval hagiography, particularly for saints of English origin.

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